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Sandals for Summer!


Teva Original Sandals

Ha! It’s finally Summer! Which means you don’t have to wear those boring boots and confining booties anymore! You can switch up your style any way you like with fashionable and stylish Summer sandals! Now, that’s another reason to love Summer sandals!

Here are a few must-have Summer sandals that you must have in your shopping list! Take a look…

Gladiator chic: When you want a look that’s chic and effortless, nothing beats the charm of gladiators! They can be dressed up or dressed down as per your requirements and will look great if you pick a pair in neutral shades. Nudes will go well with practically anything and since it’s a neutral color, they work well with even jazzy outfits!

Printed strap sandals: With prints having a featuring role in every part of your outfit from dresses to pants, skirts to swimwear, why should sandals be left out? Pick a simple pair of printed strap sandals and team them with solid outfits! You could pick sandals with straps in assorted colors and use them to jazz up somber neutrals!

Men’s wear inspired strappy sandals: Remember men’s sandals that were so comfortable that you wished they made similar sets for women? Well, you just got your wish wish fulfilled! Now you can shop for these original men’s wear inspired sandals that have textured soles and colorful straps!

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June 29th, 2015

All that are Pants for the Summer!


Slim Cropped Dot Pants

The onset of Summer is always welcomed with a sigh of relief! Now that winter is long gone and Spring is just over, you finally have a chance to get out of those woolen pants and give a break to your denim cut-offs. Highly charming and tempting as it may sound, denim is not the only option out there for you! Here’s a round-up of everything hot and happening that you simply must try out!

Bored of denims? Why not give the loose-fit pants a try? And by that, we don’t mean the jogger pants or track pants. Yes, these babies are oodles of fun but seriously how many of us would dare wear them in our conservative work environment? Instead, switch over to paperbag-waist pants! Not only are these pants a great work wear option, but their loose fit offers a lot of hideaway room that you use to cover any problem areas.

Another type of pants that you can try instead of denims is printed pants. Simple, sophisticated and stylish, there’s nothing that you cannot achieve with printed pants. And, if you’re bold, you could even try the mixed prints trend with printed pants and a coordinating printed top!

For some stowaway style, you could simply style up those khakis with crop tops. Perfect for the modern traveler in you, these pants, usually made of cotton, offer a lot of breathing room and are perfect for your airport look!

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June 28th, 2015

Trend Alert: Army Green!


Linen Paperbag-waist Pants

You know how they say that good things always comes back! Well, that is so true for army green. The color has made a fascinating comeback this Summer, with a number of takers both on and off the ramps! And, the latest celebrity to join the ranks is none than the beautiful and talented wife of George Clooney, Ms. Amal Clooney!

The pretty lawyer was seen dressed in this gorgeous color on June 25, 2015, as she stepped out of her residence in London. For someone who has mastered the art of dressing professional, the young lady is seldom seen on outfits that scream casual. She usually wears well-fitting pencil skirts in bold colors paired with tailored tops in elegant designs that make her a standout star. But this time around, the lawyer opted for an army green jumpsuit. It wasn’t just the jumpsuit, but the color and the style of it, that had us paying close attention. The sleeveless jumpsuit featured flared legs and gold buttons at the waist and were cropped just enough at the legs to show off her gorgeous pair of open-toe high-heel Summer booties in tan leather. The warm weather-friendly outfit seemed perfect on her as she paired it with a large metal hardware-accented tote bag and matching shoes.

Now, here’s why we love the outfit! The first reason ought to be the color; military green simply looked gorgeous. The color of the jumpsuit should have made her look like she was signing up for lessons at the auto parts shop, but somehow seemed elegant and gorgeous – fashion points for the stunning pairing! And the second reason why we love the outfit is the fit! Loose fitting and stylish, the look can easily be imitated with a pair of loose-fitting paperbag-waist pants and a boyfriend button-down shirt in matching colors! And, the third reason why we love this outfit is the sheer simplicity of it! It cannot get more down-to-earth than a jumpsuit!

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June 26th, 2015

One Dress, 3 Wedding Looks!


Knot-back Dress

What’s not to love about the wedding season? If it’s not the rendezvous of friends and family, then you simply have to love the atmosphere of merry making and fun! But if that’s not the best part of the wedding season, then you simply got to love the opportunity to show off your pretty dress collection. Now if you’re worried that one dress might just not suffice to wear to a number of weddings, here are a few ideas that might just be perfect for this wedding season!

For a simple and classic wedding, wear your best dress with an element of interest! If we had to pick one, we would go with the Knot-back cotton dress from Gap. It has the perfect pleated neck design with a pseudo-halter neckline that converges at the back to form a twisted knot – there’s your element of interest right there! Wear this dress with a white and black polka dot coat or a striped blazer in muted colors like black and white or gray and white. Pick black high heels and go with minimal jewelry. Since this dress already has a close neckline you can forget about necklaces and chains and simply go with a showy bracelet. Carry a nice handbag to add an excellent finishing touch to your outfit!

For a retro-themed wedding, you’d be better off pairing metallic accessories with this dress! Pick a nice silver clutch and go with a sequined crop jacket and a pair of silvery shoes to complete your look. And, since you’ve decided to go all metallic for the look, opt for a smoky eye make-up to perfect your retro style!

Now for the bohemian wedding, all you got to do is add a patch work jacket to the look and may be a pair of gladiator sandals. And just braid your hair into pretty bohemian knots and complete your look in style!

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June 25th, 2015

Pack a Punch in the Latest Summer Trends!


Modern Crew Tee

Planning to shop for cool styles for Summer? Here’s a checklist of what’s going to be hot for the season. But here’s where things become interesting! These styles come with their own celebrity stamp of approval! So, what are you waiting for? Shop for these styles right away and save big on your purchase with Gap online coupons!

Pack a punch in bright colors: while prints are certainly in demand this Summer, bright colors too are making a splash every now and then. A perfect Summer option, bright colors are great as dresses, tops or skirts! But if you can grab a cute summery chic top in bright hues like orange, hot pink and red, team them with work-appropriate pants in white to nail that corporate look right! Likewise, you could also wear a bright top for a casual day out; just team them with denim! Jeans, especially light washed jeans are good at toning off loud colors and will serve a splendid option with most of your bright tops!

Prints galore: Now that Summer’s here, it’s time for you pull out prints from your closet, as there’s no better time to sport them than now! So ladies, make the most of the season with zesty prints in assorted colors. Pick dresses and team them with a denim jacket or pick elegant blouses and team them with your work skirts and pants! Whatever you do, be sure to pack in some zest with prints!

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June 24th, 2015

How to Wear Tees to Work!


Fluid Shadow-stripe Hi-lo Tee

Tee shirts are the most comfortable and eternally fashionable garments that you can ever lay your hands on in the Summer. And, if only you could wear them to work, then your day would become all the more fun and simply uncomplicated! If you’re wondering how you can make that stress-free look work for you, here’s a juicy tip!

If you’re one of the few lucky ones who get to work in a semi-formal work scene, then you get by on a staple diet of dark-wash jeans and tee shirts. But if you don’t, simply pick a pair of pants that are almost skinny but gives you a good fit and team it with a solid tee shirt and a matching blazer. Now, be sure to pick a tee in solid colors like navy, black or white or go for neutral shades like nude, earthy whites and grays. Picking tees in super-dark or showy colors may not work in your favor as they tend to attract a lot of unwanted attention towards your outfit! Keep things simple and keep things uncomplicated! Accessorize this look with a simple gold or silver chain and go with a nice wrist watch to complete your look. For shoes, you can wear either booties or a pair of pumps; either pair works good with this look and will look fabulous when you match them with a nice handbag!

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June 23rd, 2015

Shhh…. It’s the Shoe Secret!


Perforated leather sandals

Cinderella is proof that shoes can change your life! The exact weightage of this statement can only be explained by a woman! Nevertheless, just to make sure that you always have the best shoes in your closet, here are two tips..

  1. When buying shoes, always go for suede. The material is so soft and its texture looks rich regardless of the price. While regular leather and fiber-made shoes tend to get scratched no matter how carefully you preserve them, suede shoes retain their just-bought timeless appeal for long. With a pair of suede shoes, there’s never going to be a day when you need to worry about them looking old! 
  2. Have you ever longed for a pair of those famed Christian Louboutin red and black heels, but were stunned into silence by the price? Well, how about making them on your own with a few jars of paint? Get a nice pair of black pumps and paint the soles red and voila, there you have it; your own pair of Christian Louboutins! You can also experiment with colors, like gold, red or yellow colored soles for your pumps. But always make sure that you never go overboard with you color choices and always, buy only water-proof paint for coloring your shoes.

Use these shoe secrets to ensure that you put your best foot forward, always! And, for your painting canvas, don’t forget to buy a couple of fancy shoes from Gap. Shop between today, June 19, 2015 and June 20, 2015 to save 20%, 30% and 40% on your purchase when you shop for 1 or more item, 3 or more items and 5 or more items respectively! All you have to do is, enter the Gap coupon code MORE at checkout! 

June 19th, 2015

Tips to Spring Clean your wardrobe


Printed V-neck fit & flare dress

Bored with your existing wardrobe and tired of wearing the same pieces over and over again? Why not spring clean your wardrobe? When you browse through your closet you’re sure to find all those pieces that were either given to you as gift, things that you bought because they were on sale or stuff you simply couldn’t resist buying but never wear (and probably, never will). Well, time to clean them out!

The basics to spring cleaning are a couple of leisurely hours during the weekend when you don’t have deadlines or busy schedules and a glass of red wine and these 3 easy steps!

What to toss:

Remember that old skirt with crazy prints that make your head spin, gifted to you by that distant aunt and to whom you had to write a very lengthy thank you mail. Time to toss it! Yes, that goes out, along with all the out of seasonal pieces such as neon pants and skirts, old sweaters that are torn and you never have the time to repair!

What to keep:

Keep all the classics! Lace dresses, short dresses in solid colors, dress pants, silk pieces, leather outfits always remain in fashion. Your little black dress and your little white dress will never go out of fashion, so keep them too!

What to Buy:

Now that you’ve tossed many items you need to invest in a few pieces that will always remain in fashion. For example, metallics! No matter how seasons change, metallic outfits, glitter shoes and purses always make a comeback. Also, sheer paneled dresses and skirts are huge this season, so you can invest a little more in those pieces.

Once you’re done with your spring cleaning session, you need to take stock of the things you need; once you’ve made a list, head over to Gap and shop for everything on your list. Now that you can save a big 40% on your purchase, you have all the more reason to shop. Once you’re done with shopping, simply enter the Gap coupon code SAVE at checkout and claim this offer. Hurry, this offer is valid only today, June 18, 2015!

June 18th, 2015

Step Up your Style with Cardigans!


Slub crew cardigan

Summer is here and there’s totally no room for heavy coats, jackets or cardigans! But the lighter version of cardigans with bright prints and patterns are a great option when you need a quick update on your summer style.

Yeah, we sense your hesitation; men have started moving away from cardigans the day it became a unisex garment. But this piece of clothing has an awesome origin, which will crush every single stereotype you may have. Cardigans are named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan, the commander of ‘Light Brigade’ who is famous for two things: emerging victorious in “The Battle of Balaclava” and wearing cardigan-styled clothing. So, don’t let anyone tell you that cardigans are not manly-enough!

The stylish looks and versatility of cardigans are unparalleled; additionally, cardigans have a three-season flexibility which no other piece of clothing can offer. When shopping for a cardigan, make sure that it is not too tight. Wear a shawl collar cardigan over a solid shirt for a casual look or if you are looking for something a bit heavy to survive the winter choose a heavy knit cardigan.

And, if you’re looking to shop for a couple of cardigans for the transitional season, you’re in the right place. Gap has a whole collection of cardigans and you can get them at a 35% discount today, June 16, 2015! Even better, cardmembers get to save a whopping 40% off on using their GapCard! All you have to do is, key in the Gap coupon code BEST at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer expires by June 18, 2015.

June 16th, 2015

Style Obsession: Butterfly Sleeves!


Flutter-sleeve tee

Isn’t summer all about the warm breezy weather, wispy silhouettes, romantic ruffles and fluttering sleeves? Who can deny one’s love for the utterly feminine butterfly sleeves? With their sophisticated elegance and rich history, these sleeves are a trend to be reckoned with?

Allow us to take you down memory lane and give you a brief tour about ruffle sleeves! Before WW II women’s fashion was all about elaborate gowns and gorgeous royal-esque ball dresses! But with the onset of war in the 1930’s, the entire world was plunged into a Great Depression. One of the many areas that were affected by this was fashion! Women’s fashion, especially took a detour from their earlier versions and moved towards simple feminine silhouettes! They managed to steer away from boyish silhouettes but drew inspiration from other basic outfits! Fashion leaned towards a bit of comfort and chose to forgo the elaboration! And, one of the main forms that fashion remodeled itself was flutter sleeves, or as they used to be called back then, butterfly sleeves. It might just seem like regular sleeves for the women of today, but in those days, women were to a grand style of dressing and opting for butterfly sleeves was certainly a bold move worth mentioning!

Why do we have to learn about flutter sleeves or butterfly sleeves now? ‘Cos this classic trend is back in fashion and for good. It’s simple, it’s gorgeous and offers the perfect blend of feminine and flirty – a perfect combination for the women of today!

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June 15th, 2015