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Fall Hit List!


Floral poplin tank

While we’re still missing breezy summer winds and the humidity, we can’t help but come to terms that fall is here and winter will be too, soon! While there’s no need to stop loving your summer staples, here are a few fall staples that must feature in your hit list!

Ankle booties! Ankle booties are probably not the only thing about celebrity styles that give us a serious dose of wardrobe envy, but they definitely rank high on the list! There cannot be any girl who dies not love booties enough to stock at least a couple of them in her shoe collection!

Fall florals! Whether it’s the ramp or the red carpets, fall cannot be complete without the right dose of floral charm! From dark mysterious colors to airy breezy ones, fall florals are in full bloom! Not a fan of florals? You can still use them in moderation as scarves, miniscule prints on your boots, belts and even high heel pumps!

Nautical stripes! In case you haven’t noticed, nautical stripes are all the rage now! From high fashion looks to regular street style, nautical stripes are playing a huge role this transitional season!

Pantone colors! Pantone fall colors like desert sage, dried herb, stormy weather, oak buff and marsala are popping up everywhere! And, the reason for their popularity has nothing to do with their Pantone stamp but more to do with the ease with which you can style them!

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October 3rd, 2015

Simple Hacks to Make Your Outfits Ramp-ready – Part II!


Crinkle Weave Top

Continuing from our previous write-up about simple hacks that can make your outfits ramp-ready, here are a few more tips! Read on and use them to get super-easy and model-ready looks with minimal effort!

With a pair of great shoes and tailored bottoms, you could wear any top – even the one you sleep in – and still look like a million bucks! The simple trick to draw attention away from a piece you don’t want people to notice and towards a piece that you actually do want them to see!

Likewise, when you want to wear red-carpet worthy tailored gowns and immaculate-looking jumpsuits while out on the streets, just forgo the regular pumps and style up with basic flats. Flats serve to tone down the glamour of your outfit and make them ramp-ready but fabulous for the streets!

While you’re wearing a printed outfit, say a dress or a jumpsuit, and you’re not sure how to style it, just go with a leather jacket! Needless to say, leather adds a bit of structure and interest to your look but also makes it edgy and rebellious – which is just the combination you get to see on the ramps!

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October 2nd, 2015

Simple Hacks to Make Your Outfits Ramp-ready – Part III!


Stripe Poncho

If you’re ready to make your outfits ramp-ready, here is our third and final write-up loaded with tips and tricks that can transform any ordinary outfit into a glamorous one worthy of entry into any fashion week! Take a look…

It’s fall, and there are times when you want nothing to do with fashion except bury yourselves under piles of clothing and stay indoors! Well, how about wearing layers of clothing and stepping out looking ramp-ready? Wear a sweater dress – any slouchy or dressy sweater dress will do – and team it with a great-looking pair of thigh-high leather boots! It’s a look that says you’re not trying too hard to stand out but also shows you as a weather-conscious dresser who’d give fashion the hoot for comfort!

Got a statement coat in bright colors? Style it with regular boyfriend jeans and a graphic printed tee! Wearing statement pieces with carelessly put-together regular outfits elevates your status to that of a fahsinista instantly! Try out this look at once!

Wearing festive bling or an outfit with a lot of details is perfectly fine, if you’re willing to make it the center piece of your look! Tone down your make-up, go with strappy heels and pull your hair back – let your dress do all the talking!

Ponchos and capes are a great way to keep warm and – begin the drumroll – to add that extra bit of pizzaz to your look! Just wear them with a pair of skinny pants (jeans or others) and a crisp blouse, and finish off your look with a pair of ankle-length boots!

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October 2nd, 2015

Model Perfect like Gigi Hadid!


Rayon Cami Top

Aside from a hot bod and endlessly long legs, model Gigi Hadid has one other thing that makes her on-the-ramp looks just as impressive as her off-the-ramp looks – she knows how to construct her outfits with polished off-the-rack finds to look posh and sophisticated! Whether she’s wearing a sparkling white eyelet dress with a set of white sneakers or a cut-out sexy red carpet dress with matching shoes, she knows how to look presentable in an instant!

The 20-year old model was seen leaving the Costes (a restaurant) with her boyfriend Joe Jonas, on September 28, 2015, dressed in a pair of blue palazzos printed with white geometric patterns and a spaghetti crop top in white! And just to make her look fall-ready, she draped a creamy white sweater around her neck that made her look polished! She even wore a pair of white sneakers and carried a white handbag to complete her date-night style!

So, here’s what’s interesting about her look: She put together two pieces that anyone would have passed off as lounge wear! A pair of printed palazzos and a cami top, and put them together with sneakers and a matching handbag! Add to that the richly textured creamy white sweater – the model gave us yet another reason why we should be taking some fashion tips from her!

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September 30th, 2015

All-time Favorites!


Flannel Plaid Relaxed Boyfriend Shirt

Despite the growing number of people adopting latest trends and styles, there are still some who love all-time favorites that trespass seasonal boundaries! Items like the little black dress, denim and tee shirt and the like are all-time favorites that no one can ever say no to! And, now that Gap offers a whopping 35% on your purchase, you have all the more reasons to stock up on these favorites!

A crisp white shirt and denims! Whether you’re heading out with office friends for an official weekend getaway or cruising the waters with your girl, the combination of a crisp white shirt and well-fitting denim is a universal one and a much-preferred one for serious and body-conscious dressers! Drop a couple of white shirts to your cart right away to make this fall fashionably apt!

Plaid shirt! Whether you’re a fan of intricate plaids or just basic checks, the truth is that, plaid shirts are common place in any man or woman’s wardrobe. But that does not, in any way, diminish its importance nor deduct its charm! Get one, or, get a couple of them and style them with everything from solid pencil skirts to jeans and everything in between!

These are just two fall wardrobe favorites! Stay tuned and we’ll bring you more updates! In the meantime, shop at Gap and avail the incredible 35% off your purchase with Gap online coupons! Once you’re done shopping, just enter the Gap coupon code LOVE at checkout and redeem the offer!

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September 30th, 2015

How to Make your Legs Seem Longer!


Broken-in straight khakis

Everyone wants that elusive model-like look; which translates to having a long torso and endlessly long legs! Well, not everyone is blessed with a perfect figure like Gisele Bundchen! But with a few clever and smart fashion hacks, everyone can make their legs seem longer (with a special emphasis on seem)!

High waisted pants! Choose pants that ride high up on your waist! The length of your legs is directly proportional to the height of your pants’ waistline! So, the higher they go, the longer you legs will seem to be!

Love high heels? Well, so do we! They are great for making you appear a few inches longer, and if you wear a pair in skin tones, then your legs would appear even longer! Also, you can choose heels with a low-cut vamp – these will make your legs seem slender especially when you wear them with short skirts, maxis or dresses!

Choose dresses and skirts that have a high waistline or just wear your regular skirts a couple of inches above your natural waistline!

If you’re a regular pants and tops-kinda girl, tuck in all your tops to create a cropped effect and make your legs appear longer!

Play with your lines! Choose bottoms with vertical lines, piping and other details that run all along the length of the pants, but be sure to steer clear of embellishments or patterns that cut your pants in half length-wise! For instance, ripped jeans that have horizontal cuts interfere with the length of your legs and make you seem shorter; instead, choose jeans and pants that have a clean silhouette to make your legs seem longer!

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September 29th, 2015

Simple Hacks to Make Your Outfits Ramp-ready – Part I!


Textural Pullover Sweater

Who wouldn’t want to have a fairy Godmother’s like Cinderella to transform simple peasant rags to rich ball gowns beautiful-enough to make Princes fall in love with? Well, not everyone is Cinderella but with some smart clothing hacks, you can certainly get your clothes up to ramp standards!

When you’re wearing boxy cuts and boyfriend-inspired pieces, things can get a bit unconventional; bring in the spirit of feminity into these outfits by using elegant accessories! A set of embellished strappy heels, a pink handbag or a studded clutch teamed with jeans and a boxy muscle tank will put the spark back into the otherwise rugged ensemble; but be sure not to overdo the look with too many feminine pieces! Keep the rest of your outfit boyish and use just one accented piece to keep your look flawless!

A sailor-themed striped jersey dress is instantly ramp-ready when you put it together with a pair of sneakers! Jersey dresses are not like regular dresses and always carry a bit of sporty element about them; so if you pair them with sports-inspired sneakers, not only will you do them justice but you will also be able to show off your styling sense. To complete the look, you can use a knit sweater, infinity scarf or even a leather jacket!

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September 29th, 2015

Fall Fashion Trend from the Runway: Fringe!


Crossbody Bag

There is never a dull moment during fashion shows but finding styles that you can actually wear while out on the streets or when you’re going to work – now that’s a rarity! Below is a hot trend spotted at the recent New York Fashion Week that is both wearable and super hot! Check it out…

The ramp shows of Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta and J. Crew had one thing in common: and no, it’s not the size or the power of these fashion giants to influence mainstream fashion! The designers for the top celeb-favored dressers, seemed to love one thing in unison – fringed skirts! Well, with more broader and well-mannered fringes, but fringes, nevertheless! Short, long and maxi-length, these car-wash inspired trends gave us a new way to show off some skin without being over the top! While the designers’ affinity for fringe might seem surprising considering that the collection was targeted for spring and summer of 2016, given the make of fabrics, texture and the patterns, they were more suited for fall!

If you’re looking for a cool way to wear fringe, start with a fringe leather jacket, preferably in tan! You could go for a tan leather skirt with fringe but be sure to never pair the jacket and the skirt together! If you still haven’t warmed up to fringe, just grab a handbag or a smart clutch with fringe accents or tassels and style away!

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September 28th, 2015

Pantone Fall Colors – Part II


Relaxed T-shirt Dress

Green, khaki, tan, gold and black – put these basics on hold! As you get ready for the holiday season, swap out your summer wardrobe for some of fall’s cooler shades! Don’t have a clue where to start? Well, start with Pantone’s fall color palette! The color authorities at Pantone, a color consulting company, have presented a muted color palette – ‘An Evolving Color Palette’, as they put it – that reflects the beauty of the season with its earthy neutral shades.

Biscay Bay – Don’t indulge in any second thoughts to wear bold shades this season! More than a sea-inspired shade, Biscay Bay appeals to the cool and confident. Named after Bay of Biscay, this hue is a blend of elegant teal, serene blue and invigorating green. Infuse this color into your fall wardrobe with a chic cocktail dress and wedge pumps, cropped trousers with a tan-colored tunic and ballet shoes.

Reflecting Pond – Capturing the pleasant shade reminiscent of deep waters, this color symbolizes composure and credibility. Let this serious color influence your wardrobe in the form of a silk top with a statement gem necklace and suede heels.

Cadmium Orange – Orange is the new black! Taking inspiration from ‘60s and ‘70s retro style, this bright shade falls a little on the peachy side and more on a welcoming, dramatic side. Clad yourself in this color that whispers an abundance of femininity with a gorgeous faux wrap dress, wrap blouse, a layering infinity scarf or statement jewelry.

Cashmere Rose – This fall color is a dusky pink that is wonderfully neutral! A contemporary take on the ‘60s color trends, this shade is gentle and soothing. Include this color into your closet with a soft pink fur coat or a hot pair of pants teamed with a striped black blouse.

Amethyst Orchid – It’s a soft, flirtatious and stimulating color that absolutely demands a spot in your 2015 fall wardrobe. The most attractive jewel of the crown, this color looks great when worn as a crochet hem top with tan trousers and Cashmere Rose aviators.

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September 27th, 2015

Dresses Do it All!


Scuba Midi Dress

Trends come and go but the one thing that is always popular and ever in demand are dresses! Whether it’s for work or play, party or fun, dresses do it all! Get your wardrobe fully geared for with staple dresses that can go from the desk to party with a quick transition!

A versatile and properly tailored little black dress can be empowering and can also be the perfect alternative to power suits any given day! Choose one with a sophisticated cut and use neutral accessories for a day-time look and go with prints and colors to scale things up a notch during night-outs!

Nothing says sophisticated and sleek like a cocktail dress. Ranging from everything like the curve-hugging silhouettes to easy-breeze fit-and-flares, cocktail dresses are your best bet at creating your own signature style!

A maxi dress! If there’s one single item that must find a place in your closet it would be the maxi dress! If you just take the effort to choose the right length, cut, fabric, pattern and style, you can wear one for years to come! And, trust us when we say this, maxi dresses are wardrobe keeps!

When you want to look apart from the crowd, a strapless dress is your best choice. Bare you sexy shoulders and arms with a strapless dress and get yourself an easy ticket to stardom! Choose one with interesting prints and patterns and style it with a bomber jacket or cardigan for a family day out; choose one in solid colors and team it with pumps and a long coat for a fashionista-approved look!

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September 26th, 2015