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The Camo-floral!


Floral Camo Shirtdress

The Universal Camouflage Pattern, UCP or the camo-print or the military print as it’s popularly known, has been a fashion-favorite on and off the runways for quite a while now. These prints are daring, bold and look grungy on the female physique. But, it’s not something you’d wear to work. Oh… No..! The camo print is something quite special, it’s modern and it’s loud and only the brave of the heart can pull it off.

The camo has branched out into many versions other than the army’s quintessential jacket and a pair of pants. For all intents and purposes, fashion has somehow managed to stay true to the originality of camo prints while experimenting with colors like blur, dark green and even purple. Also, the camo-floral prints have become very popular recently, thanks to its unique combination of camo print with hints of floral magic injected here and there! It’s stunning and beautiful and even some of Hollywood’s most popular ‘It-girls’ like Olivia Palermo and supermodel Adriana Lima have adopted this trend.

You too can adopt this popular trend with a nice floral camo-print shirt dress from Gap and style it any way you like. Wear it like a dress with a pair of pumps or go grunge with a ¾ capri pants and active wear shoes.

Whatever style you choose go with, don’t forget to get a new GapCard today and avail a 15% discount on your purchase. And, what’s more when you shop using your new GapCard this weekend, you get an extra 10% off your purchase. All you got to do is use the Gap coupon code SUPER1510 at checkout to redeem this offer. Happy shopping with Gap online coupons!

Hurry, this offer expires on September 21, 2014.

September 20th, 2014

Don’t Bid Goodbye to your Summer Dresses Yet!


Floral Drop-waist Dress

Do you simply love your summer dresses and find it merely impossible to let them go? Then, you probably shouldn’t! After all, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” says John Keats, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy all your favorite dresses from the previous season. And to bring to your notice, even celebrities seem to have been doing that for quite some time now!

Spotted recently strolling around the streets of New York Sin City was actress Jessica Alba dressed in her favorite short summer dress. Yes, folks! That’s right! Even a star of her caliber couldn’t let go of her summer dress.

Anyway, the way she recycled her summer dress was really special. She wore a black and white striped cami dress and jazzed it up with a black cardigan and layered it with a Current/Elliot oversized trucker denim jacket in blue. A pair of black tights and matching black booties to brace the cold and a black backpack for her accessories, Jessica seems to know the knack all too well. Not to mention, her oversized Celine sunglasses helped nail her casual style!

You too can adopt Jessica’s recycling trick and pair any of your summer dresses with a matching pair of leggings and black booties. Add a denim jacket and layer it on top of a cardigan to brace the cold and keep smiling, ‘cos that’s the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Shop for a summer dress at Gap, right away and you get a nice 35% discount on your purchase with Gap online coupons. Simply key in the Gap coupon code SPOT at checkout to claim this offer. Hurry, this offer expires by midnight September 21, 2014. Happy shopping!

September 19th, 2014

5 Jeans Every Woman Must Own!


1969 High-rise Skinny Jeans

Whether you’re an absolute denim girl or not, the fact that jeans are one of the most fashionable pieces of garments ever invented by the human race is just undeniable. They’re simply so stylish and you can pull off any number of looks with a humble pair of denims.

So, here we bring to you a list of the 5 must-have jeans in every woman’s closet!

  1. Faded Denims: You need that one pair of super-faded jeans that’s almost white. This is a must-have piece and will go well with pretty much anything and everything in your closet. Go for a pretty lace white top or that funky graphic printed tee shirt, this faded jeans is you single stop-shop for all that there is to style.
  2. Denim Overalls: Denim overalls are no longer for body shop workers. They are an absolute fashion bomb of a style statement and can be worn with paint-stained tee shirts for that worked-up look, graphic printed tee shirt for a casual look and with white crew neck tops for that stylish urban-chic look.
  3. Vintage Boot-Cut Denim: Vintage 1969 boot-cut denims are exclusive pieces hand-picked by Gap just for you. They have always been in style and seriously, can there be anything better than vintage jeans?
  4. Dark-Wash Work-Wear Denim: Every woman needs this one totally beautiful piece of outfit – a simple dark-wash pair of jeans that is so dark that it can almost pass for work pants. You can sneak it for a casual day at work when you don’t have any presentations or meetings that would put you in the center stage.
  5. Destructed/Tattered/Slashed/Patch-Worked Denims: These are the new rage this season, thanks in most part to the likes of Kendall Jenner and supermodel Cara Delavigne who introduced these trends as note-worthy street wear that you can pull off for any casual date.

Shop for all these denims or just one, and enjoy the fabulous offers from Gap. Buy just one pair and get $25 off your purchase or buy 2 and get $50 off your purchase. To avail this fabulous offer, all you got to do is finish shopping and once you get to checkout, simply enter the Gap coupon code JEANS to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer is valid only today, September 18, 2014.

September 18th, 2014

J’Lo Sports the Tracks!


Tencel Track Pants

Whoever thought or claimed that track pants aren’t sexy enough, definitely did not count on popstar and actress, Jennifer Lopez knocking them off their high-chairs. The 45-year old star was spotted on September 13, 2014 clad in a simple white tee and a pair of almost-sheer creamy loose-fitting track pants. She carried a vintage Hermes Birkin bag in white and wore a pair of stunning hoop earrings from Lana Jewelry. Jennifer also accessorized her outfit with a Hermes bracelet and Jimmy Choo cage boots. Now, that’s a style icon to be reckoned with!

With this simple outfit, Jennifer Lopez proved three things –

1. She is not afraid to break the norms and flaunt her style.

2. Track pants are definitely sexy enough to be worn for a casual date or for shopping with the girls.

3. The combination of white tee and cream tracks are simply opulent. This is not a very popular or traditional color combination, especially when it comes to pants and a top. But Jennifer broke all the norms and proved that this color combo is something that you just have to try out on your own.

With all this proved and done, you must try it out and see for yourself how good this style looks on you. Shop at Gap to find amazing track pants in assorted colors and models and avail the exclusive 35% discount with Gap online coupons. All you have to do is fill your shopping cart with your favorite items and when you get to the checkout, simply enter the Gap coupon code THANKS at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer is valid only through September 15, 2014.

September 15th, 2014

Your Fall Shopping Guide!


Classic Stripe Jacquard Blazer

Gap offers an exclusive offer on its fall-favorites. Shop today and bag an amazing 25% discount on all outfits, accessories and more for this season. And, just to help you with your shopping, we have a checklist for some of the most sought-after items for fall.

Skirts: If you’re thinking, skirts? And, that too for fall? Well, the answer is yes. Skirts are an all-rounder that can never go out of fashion. Skirts are summer’s favorite, but for the fall you can don them with a nice pair of stockings till the weather gets chilly and then switch over to leggings. Get a couple of pencil skirts and short minis and replenish your summer collection with some hot colors and hotter styles.

Blazer: Gone are the days when you need to grab a leather jacket or a pea coat when it’s chilly, this season you should go for an Oxford plaid blazer. It’s interesting, pops an ounce of color to your outfit and also makes a stylish statement. Don’t worry ladies, you don’t have to pack away your leather jacket, it’s just that a plaid or striped oxford jacket definitely has more charisma and more style than your usual leather.

The Boyfriend Jeans: A key piece that looks good with your bomber jacket and a pair of beat-up old leather boots is your trusted pair of boyfriend jeans. It works great with all your favorite tee shirts and makes a casual statement wherever you go.

Apart from these you also need to get a few pairs of leggings, stockings, sweaters, sweater dress and don’t forget a nice smooth-fitting black dress. More lists and guides coming your way. Till then shop at Gap and enjoy an exclusive 25% discount with Gap online coupons. Feed the Gap coupon code HAPPY at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer expires by midnight, September 14, 2014.

September 14th, 2014

Julianne Hough Weaves a Floral Spell!


Printed Floral Chambray Dress

Singer, song writer and dancer, American star Julianne Hough has many feathers in her cap. Apart from all these, she is also one of the most stunningly beautiful superstars and a reckonable fashion icon who can’t go wrong. Off late, she has been sporting some really cool styles that not only mark the arrival of fall but also scream out ‘haute’.

The pretty lady opted for a full-floral printed satin dress for her appearance on ‘Extra’ at the University CityWalk in Los Angeles, California on September 11, 2014. She wore a multicolor floral number designed by the Australian celebrity-designer, Hans Zimmerman for his Resort 2015 collection. Her dress featured strategic panels that converged at the bust to form a nice cut-out portion that let her show off her sexy frame. Julianne’s dress also had a unique halter-neckline with spaghetti shoulder straps and faux sleeves that lent an aura of mystery and splendor. Since the dress had so many colors, the Safe Harbor actress chose a pair of metallic-gold Monique Lhuillier sandals to keep her color palette grounded and went with minimal make-up and her signature wavy bob.

Printed outfits are the hot favorites for the fall, but Julianne shows that a simple floral printed dress is all that you need explore you fashionable side this season.

Get shopping at Gap to find the most amazing floral outfits to keep you fashionably-updated this fall. And, what’s more? If you shop today, September 13, 2014, you get a flat 25% discount on all fall-favorites with Gap online coupons. Simply feed the Gap coupon code HAPPY at checkout to claim the offer.

Hurry, this offer expires on September 13, 2014.

September 13th, 2014

The Fringe Benefits!


Cozy Plaid Stripe Scarf

The term ‘Fringe Benefits’ has come a long way from being the corporate word to being one of the most popular terms used in fashion history. As with the latter,fringe is a close arrangement of fabric strips or thick threads hanging in clumps. It’s usually found at the hemline of skirts, tops, and scarves. Fringe is also closely associated as a popular fashion statement for the travelling rodeo players, thanks to their splendid costume marked by fringes at the sleeves of their leather jackets or boots. With that little info, let’s find out how you can adapt this popular trend into your wardrobe and make it work too!

A nice svelte-cut couture gown with fringes is a nice way to jazz up a party. You can opt for a midi-length dress with fringes starting mid-thigh to create the best visual impact.

You can also go for a cowboy look with a nice fringe jacket and a fedora hat. This combo is a classic and has been in fashion forever. But ladies, just be sure not to wear these to work! A fringe jacket is strictly casual! No excuses!

A nice pair of fringe booties is a must-have piece for your closet. Perfect for the fall and coming winter, it will surely add a nice southern touch to your ensemble.

And finally, we give a more polished and refined way of carrying off the fringes – a simple scarf with fringes. Plaid, floral-printed, paisley-printed, Egyptian designs… the combination of fringe and scarf is simply endless.

Having spoken of scarves, just in case you’re looking out for them, don’t mind to look through  the amazing collection at Gap. You get to enjoy amazing discounts with Gap online coupons! All you got to do, is simply enter the Gap coupon code HAPPY at checkout to avail a 25% discount on your purchase. Hurry, this offer is valid only for today, September 12, 2014.

September 12th, 2014

The Goodness of Gap – Things That Make Gap a Standout Shopping Option! Now Kids Fashion at 20% Off!


Marled cocoon jacket

Shopping is by far one of the most exciting indulgences ever discovered by man. With an excitement that beholds a splurge of a lifetime, your shopping experience gets even better! Yes, Gap offers its customers great deals to save big on their purchase! But, it doesn’t just stop here. There’s more to Gap than meets the eye. Let’s take a look at what they are!

Reserve In Store

Isn’t it great when you can get every possible benefit out of a shopping site? Well, hear this out. Gap has come up with an innovative idea of reserving your favorite products online which you can pick up directly from your nearest store outlet. Be it in a hurry or when needed on a later date, you just have to select the product for size and click on “reserve in store”. Voila, you’re all good to go!

Most Updated Collection

It’s a no brainer scanning through collections that are long timed out. Haute and trendy, the styles that are showcased here are right-out-of-runway-trends that are sure to make you look every bit fashion forward!

The Brand Game

When you have nothing to count on, rely on the brand name! It takes you a long way in your fashion journey! 45 years since the first store, Gap has been a brand that has emerged to be a household name in the field of fashion.

With all said, it’s not just the adults that get all the advantage. Now kids too can be fashion-savvy – they get to enjoy an extra 20% off already-reduced styles!  Pick trendy collections on kids range between today, September 05, 2014 and September 09, 2014 to avail this offer. Once you’re through shopping, enter the valid Gap online coupon code EXTRA at checkout!

 Just click away to indulge in all the goodness there is! Happy shopping!!

September 5th, 2014

Supermodel Alessandra Does the Camo!


Floral Camo Broken-in Khakis

The first thing that strikes us about the Brazilian star, Alessandra Ambrosio is her beautiful smile. Whatever she wears, whether she is sporting the latest designer pieces and parading the ramp or just gracing the red carpets with her commendable style, the supermodel always accessorizes her outfit with one simple accessory – her smile. May be that’s her secret to pulling off daring and bold prints, like the camo.

The camo aka the military print is not something that can be worn by everyone. It takes a certain act to pull off the camo. But, the pretty star seems to have managed it all too well.

The 33-year old supermodel was spotted on August 8, 2014 dressed in her usual pretty-meets-grunge style at the LAX in California. She teamed a pair of DWP Brody pants in camo with a Wildfox graphic printed black tee shirt to nail this tough-girl look. Alessandro tied a denim shirt around her waist and accessorized with a pair of Tom Ford Henry wayfarer sunglasses. She piled up on the accessories that complemented her military-inspired outfit – a number of chunky bracelets, a dog-tag pendant chain, simple diamond studs.

Mimic Alessandra camo style with a similar camo pants from Gap e-stores and style it with a nice graphic printed tee shirt to take down the grunge factor by a few degrees. Also, use a lot of accessories, just like the supermodel, to nail this style.

Shop for these pants now and bag a fabulous 40% on your purchase with Gap online coupons. Simply enter the Gap coupon code DAY at checkout to claim this offer. This offer is valid from August 31, 2014 until September 1, 2014.

August 31st, 2014

Dressy Denims at 20% Off!


Denim Dress

No matter what, the craze for denims will never go down. Denims are the epitome of timeless fashion! The unlikely combination of the rusticness in denim and the touch of class in dresses is the outcome of the unforgiving denim dresses. This fashion’s rebel child made a timely resurgence this season and has emerges as a major hit trend! The stunner style is apt for the fashion forward gal who loves all the attention.

This dress can be styled up in various ways to create some stunning looks making it a wardrobe staple in the modern-day closet. Let’s see some of the ways to style up this piece – you could may be use a thing or two…

  • Jazz up this in-vogue look with a belt around your waist for accentuating the curves, throw in a pair of suede shoes or moccasins, a bold metal watch and some trendy accessories in metal or neutral hues. To finish off this look add a brown or black tote bag and a killer jacket – you’re all set to go for a chic look.
  • For a casual day-out look just team it up with a pair floral shoes of wedge sandals to give it a cute girly seem. You can also use a bright colored belt to add some edge and some cute colorful accessories to give the ensemble a vibrant touch. Finally throw in a sling bag and a pair of shades.
  • Get the party-chic look for night outs by donning this dress with a bold metallic belt, a pair of sparkly stilettos for a glamorous look. Accentuate this look further by adding on some statement jewelry and a blingy clutch. Hit the chord right and you’re all set to turn heads in the party floor.

Go on and rock this hot trend like a pro. Shop for this dress rightaway at Gap and get an amazing discount of 20% on your purchase. Once you’re through shopping, enter the Gap online coupon code HAPPY at checkout to redeem this offer. Enjoy shopping with Gap online coupons! P.S this offer is valid from August 29, 2014 through August 30, 2014.

August 29th, 2014