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How to Style your Denim Pants!


Burnout Ombre Stripe Tee

A pair of good old denim pants is the oldest and probably most worn-out item of clothing in your wardrobe. And, they rightfully deserve their place too! After all, who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans? But styling them is really the subject in question now; so, without much ado we give a list of style tips to get that denim look right, this summer!

While styling a pair of denim pants seem like such an easy idea, given that its denim, after all; but it actually takes a little bit of effort to get your look right!

For a simple style that doesn’t take up much of your time, you can always style your denims with a basic tee shirt; pick from a wide range of options, simple and solid tees to bright colored ones, graphic printed tees to soft washed tees, striped tees to floral printed tees and even the latest summer additions, dip-dyed tees.

For some celebrity-esque style, you can pair your light-wash denim with a black see-through shirt and layer it with a matching black lace-accented crop top or bralet top. Or, you can also opt for illusion-tees that give the appearance of being see-through but actually aren’t.

There are a lot of options and a lot of ways you can style your denim pants, all it requires is just one thing – your creativity. So get started and create fantastic styles for the summer with beautiful tops and tees from Gap. Shop now and you can get a good 40% off your purchase with Gap online coupons. Just enter the Gap coupon code GIFT at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer is valid only until April 26, 2015. Shop now!

April 25th, 2015

How to Wear a Bright Red Jacket!


Bomber Jacket

Now a bright red or orange jacket might seem a bit farfetched for most women, but actually the color red and orange are the most unique and flattering options for a jacket or a blazer. It’s okay to feel skeptical before investing in a good red jacket, but before you shy away from the color, only because you think it might be too bright for you, read this article and we might just end up convincing you that may be this is the color for you. Read on…

Bright red or orange can work as excellent layering pieces with dull and boring fabrics and colors. For instance, an old and almost faded gray tee shirt, that looks like it’s been worn one too many times, can be spruced up to look attractive with a simple red jacket. The bright color of your jacket can totally take the attention away from the age of your tee shirt and when you pair it with your equally faded denim cut-offs or jeans, the combination can work wonders. And, ditto for a white dress!

Bright colors have the ability to really put the focus back on stripes and other prints that you may be wearing. The bold stripes or prints on your tee shirt when paired with the bright red of your jacket can really improve the color play and make the prints or stripes, as the case may be, shine out from the rest of your outfit.

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April 23rd, 2015

How to Wear Sweaters in Spring!


Mesh Sweater

Now that we’re officially into spring, it’s actually hard to let go of your sweaters. After all, the mornings are still a bit chilly, right? So, here’s the good news: you can wear sweaters in spring, but be sure to style them right. Here are a few tips to get you started…

  1. As the weather has transitioned, now would be a good time to rock sweaters as layering pieces. Got a loud plaid shirt? Layer it with a v-neck sweater or an open cardigan sweater!
  2. Short cropped sweaters will make a nice combo when paired with skinny jeans and a pair of boots. This will be a nice way to show off your cool style and flaunt your toned midriff!
  3. Just got out of bed and craving for a cappuccino? Just thrown on a long sweater over your pajamas and head over to that next door coffee shop. For brunch or a short outing with the girls, you can switch the pajamas for a pair of joggers and atee shirt to create that simply laid-back look!
  4. Bright and bold sweaters can be worn as statement pieces with other monotone spring or summer outfits. For instance, a worn-out tee shirt and skirt in light gray or similar colors can be styled with a bold red sweater for some remarkable style!

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April 22nd, 2015

Must-have Summer Staple: Linen Pants!


Tie-waist Linen Pants

Baseball caps and denim overalls have to face some serious competition, this summer, in the form of linen pants. Relaxed, fluid and with a lot of room to move about, these pants have everything that you need and require from a solid summer staple. Plus, there is one added factor that certainly puts the linen pants ahead of denim overalls. These cuties look professional; which means, you can wear them to work too! Just be sure to pair them appropriately with the right shirt and shoes!

Now, did you think that’s all there is to these linen pants? Here’s more…

Linen pants are available in a variety of colors, ranging from chambray to khaki that puts an interesting twist to your casual dressing code. You can now take these linen pants out of your office closet and introduce them to some of your other favorites like the tank tops and casual tee shirts.

Another major plus when it comes to linen pants is that they come with a cloth belt that takes out the chore of accessorizing when you need to head out for the day. Whether it’s for a formal setting or a casual one, with a simple pair of linen pants in your closet, you never have to worry about your style!

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April 20th, 2015

Hot in Pink!


Broken-in Straight Linen Pants

Pink is certainly a beautiful color, but for those who have a classic sense of style with an elevated level of color sensitivity, hot pink can be a bit too much to handle. And, if you make the equation all about a pair of hot pink pants, then it can be really difficult to convince you to try them. But here’s Kate Hudson who shows you that colors rock, no matter the shade! And, with a couple of simple styling tricks, you can nail any color perfectly…

The stunner was seen exiting Chis McMillian Salon in Beverly Hills, California, on April 9, 2015 dressed in a pair of hot pink jeans and a white graphic work-printed tee shirt. You would think, the 35-year old beauty ought to pick something fancy and gorgeous to go with her pink pants, but the lady opted for something as simple as a graphic printed white tee shirt and looked superb in it too. She had on a faded denim crop jacket and a pair of tan booties to complete her style. The How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days actress carried a very intriguing black and white Aztec-printed cloth bag that added a statement factor to her look. She also had on a pair of white-framed sunnies that framed her face and brought out the pink shade of lipstick. Way to go Kate!

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April 19th, 2015

Tips to Dress a Curvy Body!


Foldover Skirt

If there’s one star who’s mastered the art of dressing her curves to the point of perfection, it is reality star Kim Kardashian. The pretty lady has the perfect curves! While fashion critics are still torn over their dilemma if Kim has an hourglass figure or a sexy pear shaped figure, one thing’s for certain; she has a tiny waist and an ample bottom and dressing up this bundle of contradiction cannot be an easy task. So let’s take a look at how she does it, every single time…

  1. Pencil skirts! A huge chunk of Kim’s wardrobe is comprised of pencil skirts in many colors, textures and materials. The reality star is in complete sync with her curves and she never fails to demonstrate her styling skills in form-fitting, next-to-skin pencil skirts!
  2. When you have on a form-fitting bottomwear, the only thing that can bring some proportion to your outlook is a similar form-fitting top. And, that she achieves by opting for bodysuits in all colors and combinations. On any given day, Kim go-to outfit is her bodysuit (preferably in nude shades) paired with her pencil skirt!
  3. Immaterial of the season or the fashion, you need to have a long coat! Feeling chilly, just button it up and stay warm; feeling warm, why not just leave the coat open and show off your chic ensemble. At least, that’s what we’ve learned from this style maven.
  4. As for shoes, she loves high-heels; but occasionally she can be spotted in bellies too. But her ultimate go-to choice for a fashion rainy day is a pair of nude high-heel strappy sandals.

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April 16th, 2015

Take the Short-cut to Coachella!


Tailored Chambray Floral Shorts

In many ways, Coachella is the best way to breakout the spring-summer trends in style. Not only does the happening music festival coincide with the onset of the spring season, it also makes way for the stars and celebrities who’ve sunk into a recluse the past season to come out in flying colors. And this year too, the hot and happening music festival was no exception in terms of fashion, culture, music and of course, the stars.

Shorts! The most trendiest piece of garment ever discovered since the time of jeans, shorts made a prominent debut this season at the Coachella valley music and arts annual festival held in the Colorado desert. A number of stars were seen sporting this cute but flirty trend during the festival. From denim cut-offs to embroidered shorts and black shorts to cute and hot boho printed numbers, shorts played the dominant role in the fashion scene at the valley. And as for the stars who rocked them, everyone ranging from Bella Thorne, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kendall Jenner and even supermodel Gigi Hadid rocked in shorts!

Thinking out of the box, shorts are the best option for you to rock the party scene this season. And, you can trust these cute babies to keep you in style, no matter the occasion or the time of the day!

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April 15th, 2015

Get More from your Clothes for Less!

Stripe Zip-pocket Shirttail Dress

Stripe Zip-pocket Shirttail Dress

Just bought some new clothes? Or, are you planning to get some for the new season? Whatever you do, it’s an undeniable fact that new clothes need to be meticulously maintained or else they tend to get old and age faster than normal. So, what’s to be done? Here are a few steps that you can follow to get more out of your clothes for less…

  1. Organise your clothes properly in your closet. A lot of mileage goes out of your clothes when they are hung wrong or folded wrong. There are certain items of clothing that need to be folded and some that need to be hung; for instance, sweaters retain their elasticity and softness for long when you fold them and stack them, while dresses, work shirts and pants last longer when hung using hangers.
  2. Put a nice bag of smelling stuff in your closet. Not only do they keep your clothes smelling nice, they also keep moth, bugs and other insects from damaging your clothes.
  3. Never hesitate to fix broken zippers, frayed ripped hems and missing buttons. Remember a stitch in time saves nine and that applies to your clothing as well.
  4. Whenever you buy a new shirt or a skirt, apply a coat of clear nail polish to the buttons; this will prevent the stitches from coming loose and will keep the buttons on for long.
  5. Remember that can of fabric softener you passed by in the supermarket, it’s the best friend to your clothes. Softeners help keep your clothes soft and minimizes lint formation and thereby improves the life of your clothes.

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April 14th, 2015

Paint me Pink!


Panel Maxi dress

Isn’t it every girl’s dream to live in a pink world where she can wear pretty pink dresses every day? We totally understand your pink obsession; and here we are looking at another summer that has brought beautiful shades of pink straight from the runways! This season, designers like Jenny Packham, Burberry and Oscar de la Renta displayed some of the best pink outfits on the runway. The entry of stunning ice pink and light rose seems to have changed the way we look at pink. These toned colors are cool and express a new level of sophistication unlike the bubbly spirit represented by the brighter hues of pink.

Undertone shades of pink look great with nude colors like beige and off-white. You can try wearing a satin blouse in ice pink with a pair of off-white trousers. This delicate combination of two powerful colors is bound to make you look like the diva that you are! You could even try a pretty dress in ice pink with some complementing accessories like a white or bright gold belt.

Apart from pretty dresses, sassy tops and blouses, you could even include this color in your outfit in the form of a clutch or a pair of pumps. A simple white fit-and-flare dress can look great when worn with a pair of kitten heels and a shimmery clutch!

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April 12th, 2015

When Chic Meets Sturdy!


Eyelet Bomber Jacket

What can you expect when a chic and sophisticated style meets something sturdy? It definitely has to be something as amazing as a bomber jacket crafted using delicate fabrics! Bomber jackets, mainly considered a masculine style, have now become a wardrobe staple for women. Irrespective of the season, the modern interpretation of these bomber jackets have made them more feminine and graceful that these cool fashion accessories are now a hot favorite among the fashionistas, worldwide. Here we give you a style guide that lets you sail through summer effortlessly with bomber jackets…

Being quintessentially versitile, bomber jackets can complement anything from a pair of shorts to an elegant maxi. Get a cotton bomber jacket in off-white than can work well with floral prints and wear it with your knee-length floral skirt, a simple tank and a pair of flats to look elegantly chic! A maxi dress with monochrome tones would look great with a white or black lace bomber jacket! Run errands on weekends in a pair of denims, a floral printed top and a peach bomber jacket worn with a pair of high heel sandals for an effortlessly-chic look!

A simple white jacket can balance the colors of a bright dress in yellow or tangerine. If you are looking to mellow down the brightness of your outfit, then wearing a jacket in a neutral color is your best and safest bet. Similarly, if you feel like your outfit is not working out, simply throw on a bomber to feel like a fashionista!

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April 9th, 2015