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New York Fashion Week Essentials



Planning on hitting the front rows of the New York Fashion Week? Make sure you look your stylish best at all times! But you know the best part of fashion weeks is the fashion that happens off the ramps! So, if you want to feature among the best of the best dressed list, you got to make the cut! Here are a few must-have essentials for the NYF week…

Parka jackets are not something you just wear in your hometown and retire to the darkest part of your closets once you get to the Big Apple; they are super-fab, stylish and totally approved to wear for the fashion week! Just make sure your parka has some redeeming feature like leather accents for pockets, stylish fur trim at the cuffs or the like!

With everyone wearing boots, pumps and ankle-strap heels, try something off the charts with a pair of clogs! Perfect for this time of the year, the perfect heel-length of clogs will enable you to walk hours comfortably without any fashion mishaps! If needed, you could order a pair in advance and try out some funky DIY at home like applying glitter at the heels, embellishing the uppers or adding metallic hardware.

Colorfully striking ponchos serve double-duty by keeping you Jack Frost-proof and bringing out that enticingly magical look that’s also part bohemian!

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February 9th, 2016

Your Ultimate Guide to Jeans and Shoes


Cinch Ballet Flats

Often times, we find ourselves completely clueless when it comes to pairing shoes with jeans; while there are no set-in-stone rules for this, there are some combinations that just work out well. Here are a few suggestions for jeans and shoe pairings that will work in any season…

Skinny jeans are season-less favorites for everyone; wear them with knee-high leather boots for a sophisticated Ivy-league-er look, and team them up with girly flats or ballet shoes for a fun weekend look! Both the above shoes work equally well with jeans, but they give entirely different looks that will leave you stunned! You got try them out to believe in them!

We wear boyfriend jeans to prove two things: One, that we know how to style up a perfectly good men’s-wear piece and two, to enjoy the soothing luxury of wearing jeans that are not tight yet so stylish! Wear a pair with contrast stilettos or with ankle-length suede zip-up boots! Stilettos show the world you’re one classy lady while boots scream, in a not-so-subtle voice, that you’re here and now! Either way, good looks ensured!

Boot-cut and flared jeans are highly practical for curvy women and might we add, one of the best styles of jeans to debut ever! Since they basically serve to flaunt your curvy frame in the right light, they work best only when worn with towering high heels! Pick stilettos, party pumps, t-strap heels, booties or shoeties, and enjoy complements from everyone for your impeccable styling!

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February 8th, 2016

The Perfect Blazer


Perfect Blazer

If you had to pick one item in your closet that can work with anything and everything else, it would have to be the perfect blazer, right? Now, talking of the perfect blazer, don’t let popular fashion gimmicks lead you into thinking that a perfect blazer would have to be always black, by default! We’d like to tell you why the perfect blazer can be any color like navy, gray, or even camel; the prime requirement for a blazer to qualify as ‘perfect’ is the fit and the comfort level you feel while donning it. Here are a few pointers to look out for while shopping for the perfect blazer

Check the length of the blazer; it shouldn’t be too long or too short! The ideal blazer should end just at your hips. Opt for classic cuts; they go well with regular work-wear and with sheath dresses! Pay attention to the shoulders, blazers should sit at your natural shoulders and should not form any creases or crumples. Also, while shopping for blazers, it’s best to go with one that has partial lining; while a full lining is great for winter, partial lining reduces the bulk of your blazer, thereby making it perfect for winter layering and, also as a standalone jacket for the summer when you need something lightweight!

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February 7th, 2016

Date-night Outfits Under $70


Mesh Panel Print Top

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s time for you to get ready for your special date night! Looking for outfits that are hot, but not hot-enough to burn a hole through your pockets? Check out our list of affordable and casually stylish picks for your special night out, all under $70…

Mesh Panel Print Top: This cute number from Gap will instantly make you fall in love with it; all it needs is just one look! This cutie features delicate floral bud prints in soft shades and features an exquisite mesh panel strategically placed all along the length of the outfit to give you a peek-a-boo effect but in a sophisticated manner. Team it with a solid navy pencil skirt and navy suede pumps for dinner at a hip restaurant, or go with jeans, tan boots and a matching tote bag for dinner in a more casual setting.

Tencel® Sleeveless Tie Dress: If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your fashion needs on your special day, it’s best to go with a dress. And, this Tencel® tie dress featuring a cute sash-belt is a perfect solution. Team it with a pair of cowboy boots, a fringe leather jacket and a hat (if you need) to get that country girl look going. You can also forgo the fabric belt for a more sophisticated leather woven belt to give your look the genuine feel!

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February 5th, 2016

How to Color-up Monotone Outfits


Grommet Belt

Whether you’re a budding minimalist who’s toning down the size of her wardrobe or, you’re working in an extremely professional setting that bans distracting colors, monotone outfits are the only option. While they are great for the young professional’s corporate dress code, it’s undeniable that it can get a little boring. Below are a few steps that can help you break that monotony without breaking any rules; take a look…

While wearing somber grays or other light-colored solid separates, it would help to amp things up a bit when one piece of your outfit is slightly darker than the rest. For a somber all-gray (dull gray) ensemble, pick shoes that are slightly darker (may be, charcoal gray) than the rest of your outfit! You could apply this formula with shoes, bags, necklaces or even scarves and enjoy a casual yet successful break from the monotony!

Wear a belt! Whatever outfit you’re wearing, adding a belt instantly ups the look and adds that ‘something special’ factor! For an all-gray look, wear a bold black belt and for a monochrome black look, wear a tan leather belt! A contrast belt breaks up the monotony and serves up a nice fancy dish of fashion!

Lipstick! Hey, as long as there’s no rule against wearing bold lipstick, why not let your lips be the primal color factor of your ensemble? It’s an effective and easy way to pop a bit of color into monotone outfits!

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February 3rd, 2016

The Art of Minimalism


Sailor Mini Skirt

Minimalism as a concept and as a way of life is not only an interesting but a fast-growing trend! While some tend to mistake minimalism as ‘living like a hermit’, it is simply an art of living with few but important possessions! Minimalism is nothing but downsizing, de-cluttering and eventually maximizing your life experiences. Let’s see what this minimalism is all about in terms of fashion!

How many times have you found yourself standing in front a brimming closet only to remark you’ve nothing to wear? Minimalism answers this dilemma by providing you a thoughtful and workable solution to your troubles: Why is it that when you have a closet full of clothes, you feel like there is nothing to wear? Probably because all the clothes in your wardrobe are not getting that ‘absolute love’ from you! May be you bought a great dress at an even greater deal but the size was just a bit small yet you bought it anyway since you’d promised yourself that you’d hit the gym more often but never quite found the time to, and now, that dress is just hanging there gathering dust. It’s not just the case of the dress, there are many such items in your wardrobe that are not getting enough face time due to one reason or the other; either they have sentimental value, are too old, too frumpy, do not fit and the like. Whatever the reason, as long they are not getting used, they add clutter to your wardrobe and fill it up without adding any meaning or contributing any purpose to your life. As you embrace minimalism and learn to let go of these items, you live with visibly less clutter which then makes way for items that are actually used by you to get further use. This then leads to a wardrobe full of clothes you love, wear and use more often. So, the next time you go on a shopping spree you pay attention to what you’re buying rather than the price tag leading to a more meaningful collection of clothes and better quality dressing.

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February 3rd, 2016

Hot Looks from the 2016 SAG Awards


Drapey Sleeveless Party Dress

The 2016 SAG Awards dished out loads of glamor on the red carpets. While it seemed like a pre-run for the impending Oscars this month, the SAG awards deserves its own moment in the fashion spotlight! Here are some experts…

Eva Longoria scooped red-carpet gold clad in a forest-green Julien Macdonald gown with a plunging neckline and a daring low back; the heavily-embellished dress was a bold look for the actress who usually goes for figure-flattering styles that border on posh and sophisticated.

There is no such thing as too much bling! Alicia Vikander threw caution to the wind dressed in a heavily embellished Louis Vuitton multi-color sequined side-slit party gown with long diamond danglers. They say never pair bling with diamonds, but that was the winning point of the Danish Girl actress’ ensemble!

Sophia Vergara displayed her hourglass figure in a hot pink strapless corset-inspired gown from Vera Wang and matching pink clutch from Jimmy Choo; wine-kissed lips, an oversized gold shell necklace and pin straight hair completed her 2016 SAG awards look!

GOT star Emilia Clarke looked positively radiant in her shocking pink Dior ball gown with a plunging neckline and sweeping flared skirt! Nude lips, diamond danglers and a huge emerald ring was all she needed to get her red carpet look on the charts!

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February 1st, 2016

Extended: The Biggest Little Sale at Gap!


3-in-1 Contrast Peacoat

So, you missed the earlier kids and baby style sales at Gap, and wishing you hadn’t! Well, now it’s back and better! The fabulous deal has been extended to a few more days! Before you over to your laptop and start clicking, check out what styles will suit your little one…

For the Arctic explorer: So the little one is always busy trying to find new ways to escape to the backyard where he finds immense pleasure digging up soil, keep him busy stylishly with a denim dungaree that can take all the dirt he could possibly pile up and a cute tee shirt! Also, check out the range of comfortable footwear for your baby that will surely keep his feet protected from dirt!

Rebel: Ah, the rebel! He likes to pick out his own clothes and is enamored with graphic prints! Let him fall in love with his rebel style with a range of graphic printed tee shirts, shorts and more from Gap. Also, check out the mammoth range of onesies, sweatshirts, hoodies and more from the baby Gap collection!

Rockstar: You’re already telling all your friends that your toddler has started singing, treat the little rockstar to a stylish makeover with graphic tees, skinny jeans and a peacoat from Gap. And, while you dress him up, let him pretend play with a microphone!

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January 31st, 2016

Treat your Little One to the Latest Styles from Gap!


Floral Flutter Dress

So, your kids have been behaving super-good the past holidays and all through the time they had to be stuck indoors, thanks in part to the seemingly never-ending winter this year, and you’re looking to treat them! Well, how about giving them the latest dose of fashion with a range of new apparel, outerwear and accessories from Gap! But before you sigh in exhaustion that this little shopping fest is gonna cost you really huge bucks, and before you negotiate on giving up the idea of buying that super-stylish burgundy handbag that you’ve had your eyes on since last Christmas, stop, take a breather and get ready for some good news! Wondering what could it possibly be? Well, with Gap patiently attuned to your shopping needs within your budget, no feat seems unattainable!

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January 29th, 2016

Best of Chanel Haute Couture Show from Paris Fashion Week


Soft Shirtdress

Karl Lagerfeld returned to the ‘City of Lights’ this year to showcase a nature-inspired haute couture collection for Chanel featuring exotic wedding gowns, short cropped cocktail gowns, swoon-worthy and seductive red-carpet gowns, and a silhouetted look for men. Here are five exciting moments from the show…

  1. The very concept of the show was all-green; to keep up with the designer’s theme, an elaborate faux-garden was put up at the Grand Palais complete with blue skies, green garden-inspired walkway-runways and a central wooden house that can only feature in the dreams garden lovers!
  2. Model Cara Delevingne, who didn’t walk the show this time, raised enough eyebrows when she sat front-row with her dog. This would mark the first time when a pet was allowed to accompany a guest on the front row!
  3.  All models who walked the show sported the trademark ‘Chanel croissant’ – a crafty hair do with not a single loose strand; And, a unique eye make-up – two elongated strokes of eyeliner extending all the way and cradling each eye.
  4. Each of the model’s outfits was accessorized with a belt that came outfitted with a cute fabric pouch – perfect for your iPhones!
  5. And, for the grand finale, the models were posed at different levels of the central wooden house which had been opened up to reveal the designer, Karl Lagerfeld, walk down with the model who was wearing his bridal couture gown!

With power-packed performances and enough drama, both on and off the ramps, this year’s Chanel’s show at the Paris Fashion Week was a thing of dreams!

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January 28th, 2016