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Remembering Oscar de la Renta


Stripe 4-in-1 dress

Fashion has never looked this great before. And now that the legendary icon of fashion, Oscar de la Renta is no more, feels the fashion platform has come to a screeching halt. It takes great people to make it big in fashion and Oscar was one of them. His works have been one-of-a-kind and rather intriguing, for they have the touch of legend in them!

While we grieve over his loss, let’s look at some of the iconic red carpet looks he had put up, dressing all the celebs to the T – after all, this is how we look back and remember him every single time!

  • Who can forget the dramatic dress that Sarah Jessica Parker wore to the 2014 Met Costume Gala? The dress featured cream silken skirt with black detail at the waistband while the top of the dress was more fitted and black. A bit of a shock and awe, an ultimate showstopper!
  • The fairytale-inspired, princess ball-gown by the designer was nothing short of spectacular when Amy Adam turned up wearing it at the 2013 Academy Awards. So to speak, one of the best and memorable red carpet looks ever sported by Amy!
  • An iridescent yellow silk Oscar de la Renta gown like this one worn by the now Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive, Penelope Cruz at the 2005 oscars is a memory that can never fade. The long train and strapless design, everything from head to toe just worked perfectly for the Spanish actress.
  • Not to miss, the ravishing floor-length Oscar de la Renta gown that Emma Watson wore to the premiere of Noah featuring long sleeves and a ruched train is a look that’ll be added to the list of her best looks ever.

There’s more to come, but just that we’ll skip a whole decade exploring them; there’s that many. Oscar’s creations have been a pure delight and his memories will live with the timeless styles he had created.

So, as you take it all in, honor the legend by dressing up to perfection. And to get started,  learn the best of ways to flaunt awesome styles at affordable prices like the ones in Gap! If you shop today, you get to save an extra 25% on sale styles. This offer is valid only today, October 21, 2014. Once you’re through shopping, enter the valid Gap online coupon code EXTRA at checkout.

Happy shopping!

October 21st, 2014

What Are You This Halloween?


Ballet-back Dress

With friends and family busy planning their Halloween costume, are you feeling lost wondering what to wear for the festive season? Don’t you worry, we’re here brighten up your day with unique and down-to-earth Halloween ideas that do not burn a hole in your pocket or take up hours of your time trying to get ready for the party. And, the best part, you can probably re-use these outfits again as regular office-wear or party-wear. Now, isn’t this fun? So, go ahead and get ready to find some nice Halloween ideas, costumes and more…

Grown-up flower girl: A noteworthy idea for adults, this costume is simple and probably something that you’ve had hanging in your closet for a long time. A simple white dress with a lot of floral accents, a veil and a bouquet of flowers – that’s all that it takes to get this look right.

8 Ball: An outfit that’s in perfect sync with your indecisive mood for the Halloween party! Get a simple short black dress, carve the number ‘8’ out of paper and stick it on your dress. You can also go with a pair of black leggings or stockings and a pair of black booties to nail this look. Need something more authentic? How about triangular shaped cut-outs of some options? Like “Yes”, “Ask again later” and so on.

Inmate on death row: This look is simple and very popular! You can simply layer a white tee shirt with an orange jumpsuit or an orange pant and top. Once you’re done with Halloween you can always re-use the pieces as classy separates.

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October 18th, 2014

Featured Styles at Gap for a Banging Head Start!


Fur-Trim Snorkel Puffer

It doesn’t come across as an easy task to get dressed up to a T – one false move and you are subjected to harsh criticisms from folks around. Some are a natural at putting together completely contrasting styles yet landing up on a jaw-dropping look, and some are not that lucky at it. But worry not, for you have featured styles at Gap that are sure to make you look like you mean serious business!

Be it the laidback casual look or the full-on formal look, or even so a biker-chic look, styling things up has never been so easy before. Take for instance the parka jacket layered up on a zip cocoon sweat shirt tunic and skinny skimmer jeans – you wouldn’t have the faintest idea about how great they work together for a well coordinate look. And when it even comes to dresses, spicing it up a bit can have anything from an edgy to a girl-next-door effect on you. Like the Merino shoulder patch dress when paired with a pair of opaque tights, Chelsea booties and topped off with a fur-trim snorkel puffer makes for the former edgy-girl look. While, pairing the same dress with nothing but just a pair of slip-on sneakers makes for a discreet girl-next-door look.

It’s just about playing around with styles and seeing how lucky you get with it. But, when you want to cut to the chase and go for a fail-proof look, features styles are you best option.

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Keep exploring and have loads of fun with Gap!

October 16th, 2014

The Halloween Tradition: How It Came To Be!


Marled raglan sweater

While Halloween means, superstition, trick or treating, pranksterism, costume show-off and forming huge gatherings, there is a little more to the festival of how it came to be. Here’s a little enlightenment from our part.

Also called as the All Hallows’ eve, Halloween began as a part of the ancient Celtic culture dating approximately 2,000 years ago. The Celts who celebrate their New Year on November 1, marking the end of summer and harvest, and the beginning of biting winter, believed the day before was when the boundary between the living and dead was most weak. This way, the ghosts of the dead were said to wander earth. And the presence of these unworldly spirits made it easier for the Celtic priests to predict future. So, while the predictions were made, people built bonfires and wore costumes with animal heads and skin.

This ritual of wearing animal body parts slowly updated over the years and came to be what we call these days as the Halloween costume.

Now that you know a little more about Halloween, it’s time you took it a bit serious and dress up to honor the ancient tradition.

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October 14th, 2014

Summer Dresses for Fall!


Pleated floral dress

Whether or not we like it, street style changes every season. Summer is usually dominated by serene maxi dresses, maxi skirts, cute summer florals, shorts, denims and some really cute cami tops. Winter and the preceding fall is characterized by long coats, flowing dresses, sweaters, sweater dresses and puffer coats. But there are a few street styles that are always in fashion no matter the season or fashion changes. Read on find out more about these evergreen staples and stock your wardrobe with these trend-proof pieces.

Summer dresses never really lose their charm with the change in season. Yes, it gets cold in the winter, but summer dresses can still be worn with just about anything in your closet. You can sport acute floral printed fit and flare dress with a pair of denim shorts, leggings and boots. Scarves and statement earrings add that extra charm to this style.

You can also team a nice summer dress with a pair of skinny fit pants and go with ankle-length boots, a cardigan sweater, an infinity scarf and a cute leather belt to complete your style.

But, if you live anywhere near the Southern hemisphere, then you’re one of the lucky ones. You can wear a nice summer dress well into the fall and even get to winter without much fuss. Just team your dress with a good old pair of thigh-high boots; or, you can style it with a pair of leather jeggings and lace-up booties.

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October 12th, 2014

Fall is Calling!


1969 Always skinny Cords

Fall is already here, knocking on your door! So, are you ready for it? Got a fall basics checklist for the season? Guess what? So do we! Checkout our list of fall basics and compare them with your own and shop for all the pieces at Gap and enjoy the amazing discounts and offers that await you. Shop for 1 or more items and save 20%; shop for 3 or more items and save 30%; shop for 5 or more items and save 40% on your purchase with Gap online coupons!

Jeans: Anyone with a little bit of fashion sense would agree that owning a good old pair of jeans is the secret to having a functional wardrobe. But, what if you could have a good pair of vintage jeans at a price that’s also pocket friendly? Now, that’s a treat! Checkout the collection of jeans at Gap to find a piece that you fancy!

Cords: when it comes to bottom-wear, there’s only one other thing that’s almost as stylish and super comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans. And, that would have to be the cords! Shop for a few solid ones and a few colored ones and team them up with tees, shirts, sweaters, tank tops and tunics.

Sweaters: You can never have too many of them for fall and winter. After all, you need a fresh one for everyday of the week and then there are the weekends, the brunch dates and the casual coffee dates with friends and of course, visiting your parents for the weekend. Get a sweater for each day of the week and style away!

Tees: Casual lounging at home or a big camping trip with office buddies? Bundle up with a few layering pieces and you’re all set to enjoy your time in style and comfort. Get a few tees and use them as layering pieces or as outerwear with jackets.

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October 9th, 2014

Create Your Own Looks with Gap!


Fitted Boyfriend Plaid Shirt

C’mon ladies! We’ve all done it! Whenever we’re bored of wearing the same old clothes over and over again and find that there’s nothing new or wearable in our closet, we go to pinterest or any other site that let us browse through the myriad of styles that users have created from all around the world. And, we take deep breaths and moon over the styles wishing if we could wear them too. Well ladies, it’s time to stop mooning! You can create your own looks and play with your styles too, for Gap is here to help you out! Checkout the sales styles at Gap and enjoy an extra 25% discount on all sale styles with Gap online coupons.

Not just that, remember that super-hot shredded denim that you loved when you first saw it on-site and then wanted to get it, but stopped short at the checkout, just ‘cos it exceeded your monthly budget; Well, checkout the sales section now and you’ll probably find that piece on-sale! And, with an extra 25% discount, it fits right in your budget for the month.

You can also find an exciting collection of tank tops, tee shirts, boyfriend shirts, pants, track pants, sleepwear camis, hoodies, sweaters and some cute dresses to add to your cart.

Don’t just stop there; do checkout the men’s and kids collection and pick outfits for your entire family. And, once you’re done shopping, simply enter the Gap coupon code HAPPY at checkout to claim this offer.

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October 7th, 2014

The Colorblock T-shirt Dress


Colorblock T-shirt Dress

The exclusive collection of dresses at Gap is sure to make any woman squeal in delight. Some dresses are designed to make you fall in love with them, the texture, color and style – are simply irresistible; While others, like this Colorblock T-shirt Dress, are simply designed for the lazy dresser in you. It features a classic fusion of the tee shirt with a stunning pencil skirt and looks fabulous, only it’s a dress! It’s perfect for any occasion, whether it’s day at the desk, a party or day of mall hopping with your buddies. The outstanding feature of this dress is that it takes minimal effort for you to get ready. Read on to find out how…

  • This dress is perfect for those days when you just want to grab something off your closet, pull it on and be ready for the office in a jiffy. It’s simple, elegant and also quite sophisticated to wear to work.
  • concerned that the rayon material might be too much for work? Hey, don’t you worry! Just grab any long coat from the hanger and slip into a pair of pumps for that office-ready look.
  • This dress is just perfect for your day out with your gal pals, or just shopping at the local mall. Just slip into a pair of comfortable booties and carry a metal strap cross-body bag to complete your casual style.
  • Wanna sport this dress for a party? Forget the long coat and team the dress with a pair of neon pumps, a chunky statement necklace and long danglers.

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Happy shopping with Gap online coupons!

October 6th, 2014

The Fashion Effect!


GapFit Motion Heathered Tank

You wouldn’t bet on the worlds of fashion and fitness merging or one to have an effect on the other. It is not only just about making the right choice of routine while trying to shed those troublesome extra pounds or running an extra mile to get the desired effect on your body. You could make a subtle and notable difference onto your workout courtesy the right choice of exercise wear. The ideal choice of clothes does indeed influence the behavior of an individual. It’s about the symbolism of your wear that defines what you set out to be.

Those morning jogs become a tad cooler if you deck yourself up in proper active wear as it gets you in the right frame of mind. Get in those tracksuits and other high-quality athletic clothing like track tanks, running tees, running shorts and body fit yoga wear to present yourself at your sporty and stylish best. It’s simple. If you dress like an athlete, you would definitely be more inclined toward losing some weight and remaining in peak physical fitness. Your clothes are always an indication of your inner desires and motivations.  A nice pair of compression pants and mesh tops allows you update your wardrobe with some fine active wear that will keep you motivated to hit the gym and field at least once in a while. A brand new pair of sneakers signals that you mean business when it comes to your early morning jogging routine.

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October 5th, 2014

3 Ways to Wear Leggings to Work!



Before we go on a quest to find out all the street-friendly and office-friendly means to wear a pair of leggings, let’s first understand this one basic fact; Leggings are not pants! Read that in caps! Leggings, really, are not pants! So, if you’re planning on wearing them to work with nothing but just a nice tee shirt, don’t! It’s just not acceptable! But, there are other means in which you can incorporate a pair of leggings to work.

Look 1: Wear it with a nice sheer tunic top! Leggings make a good combo with a cute tunic that’s too short to be worn as it is and too see-through that you simply need to layer it! But before you start pulling out all your favorite tunic tops, just make sure that the top covers at least a major portion of your rear.

Look 2: You can wear leggings with a good old tee and an extra lengthy boyfriend shirt. Just make sure the shirt is actually long enough to hit your mid-thigh. You can leave the front of the shirt un-buttoned and style this look with a pair of boots to nail that tough-girl look.

Look 3: Bored of the sweater dress? Then try wearing it with a pair of leggings and accessorize with a broad leather belt to keep things simple and sophisticated. You can perfect this look with a pair of Mary Jane shoes and a leather handbag.

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October 1st, 2014