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5 Fashion Trends from Sex and the City


Crocket-yoke Tier Dress

Through its airing period, the long-running TV series, Sex and the City has always been looked up to as a fashion school for TV addicts. To the honest, the series have predicted a number of trends way before they even became popular. Is that why we love it? Perhaps! Here’s a look at 5 of the best fashion trends that were first introduced by the TV series and later went to become super-successful fashion trends…

The slip dress! Actually this is a trend that’s common between Sex and the City and another popular TV drama Gossip Girl. If the former had Carrie Bradshaw aka SJP walking down the streets of NYC clad in a sexy slip dress and a long coat, the latter saw Blake Lively take a stroll clad in a sexy slip dress and a basic trench coat!

Pajamas! Who knew you could actually wear your pajamas outside of your home? Well, at least not until Carrie Bradshaw showed us she could!

Newspaper Print Dress! Paper-prints just got a whole lot sexy and seductive thanks to SJP wearing them as a cowl-neck-meets-noodle-straps slip dress in the series.

Duster coat! Back then they weren’t really known as duster coats – just super long trench coats, nevertheless, when SJP wore them with outfits that were hard to style, everyone followed suit!

Pearls! Could anyone have guessed pearls were not just an accessory for your grandma? They are fun, fashionable and super-glam! All you need is a nice blouse and shorts to go with it!

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May 31st, 2016

App-grade Your Closet


Engineered Stripe Dress

For the fashion-loving girl, organizing her closet can be a huge task. There are tons of stuff to go through and a million ways to organize them, and not to mention frequent trips to ‘the land of nostalgia’ when you come across a sentimental piece! Well, don’t you worry, here are some great apps that can help you organize your closet without any hassle…

Closet+ is a great app that works as digital organizing assistant. Whether you want to save special looks for emergencies or create looks for the entire week, this app lets you do that in style. As for the organizing part, the app organizes everything according to category and color, which you can simply mimic in real life and get rid of the clutter in your closet.

Stylebook is another app that lets you try out many looks virtually by putting together pieces in your closet digitally, but what makes this little app the best is that you can add new pieces you find online to your existing look book, and check if it will work with your clothes or not!

Cladwell is another app that’s specially meant for those that aspire to own a capsule wardrobe. It has seasonal upgrades that you can simply check in to upgrade your clothes according to the season!

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May 28th, 2016

Get Started with Your Capsule Wardrobe


Double-strap Print Maxi Dress

Nobody likes to deal with clutter; especially if the said clutter is found in their wardrobes! Each day we face a brimming closet filled with clothes only to realize that there’s nothing to wear to work that day! The best solution to deal with this – de-clutter! While many have been actively advocating the capsule wardrobe for years, it’s only in the last decade that people started noticing that the change in people’s preferences and their lifestyle choices are more suited for a capsule wardrobe as opposed to having all sorts of clothes in your wardrobe! But de-cluttering is not easy; but it’s also not hard! Here are some tips to help you on your path to de-cluttering, and adopting a healthy capsule wardrobe…

Find your style: Based on your color palette, preference, lifestyle choice and everyday activities, pick the style that best suits you!

Build your capsule: Now that you have your style narrowed down, research and find out what are the must-haves for your style; check the list against your existing closet; use the pieces you already own, and just shop the rest!

Learn to be creative: You know your style; you have all the pieces to pull off that style; then what are you waiting for? Get creative, mix and match stuff, and innovate as many looks as you can!

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May 26th, 2016

What to Pack for a Vacation


Sleeveless Shirt Romper

With holiday time just around the corner, it’s about time you booked yourself a fancy little vacation to beat off the summer blues! Already did? Well, here’s our packing list for your vacation…

Wear a comfortable pair of jeans and tee shirt for the flight; you could either go with a light cardigan or carry a denim moto jacket with you for it tends to get really cold on the flight! The jacket or cardigan can also double-up as accessories for your vacation outfits! As for shoes, pick sneakers – they take a lot of room while packing and it would be best to simply wear them. This way you can save suitcase space, and the comfy sneakers will keep you comfortable while in transit!

Pack a lot of denim and cotton shorts, and a few tee shirts that you can mix and match to create nice travel outfits!

Also, pack in a nice dress, and one printed romper or a jumpsuit for fancy occasions!

One well-fitted blazer in solid colors will work nicely regardless of the party scene you’re planning to attend, and for any unexpected invites!

With one pair of sneakers already in your list, you could just do away with high-heels and instead, opt for comfortable bellies; pick a pair with some cute bows or floral accents that can enhance the look and feel of any outfit!

Pack a hat! You might not be a great fan of accessories (if you are, you can pack a basic pendant necklace and some bracelets), but a nice fedora hat will make a great fashion statement and keep you protected from the sun!

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May 25th, 2016

How to Wear a Swim Cover-up


Cotton Navy Stripe Cover-up

Beach cover-ups are great accessories on the beach, right? But wear one outside of the beach scene and you’re in for a bonafide fashionista moment, and not to mention some great selfies for your Instagram feeds! Here, check out our ultra-glam styling tips for wearing swim and beach cover-ups even when you’re nowhere near water…

Wear it with confidence! You could be wearing a dress worth someone’s paycheck but the one accessory that can make it really shine through is confidence! The same rule applies to swim cover-ups as well!

Wear it with a belt! Loosen-up your swim cover-up and take out the fabric belt attached to it, and replace it with a fancy metallic belt! Without the fabric belt, your swim cover-up is just another sheer dress that’s equal parts sexy and stylish!

Wear it with a bodysuit and a duster coat! Remember how Kim Kardashian does it? The reality star is super-confident while wearing a bodysuit with a pencil skirt and a duster coat; you could also try out the same with a swim cover-up and a duster coat!

Wear it with denim shorts! Swim cover-ups are great for pairing with denim shorts as tunics! While not too long, they offer ample style when you wear one with a colorful halter-neck bra!

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May 23rd, 2016

The Overall Story!


1969 Denim Flare Overalls

What could be more relaxed and comfortable than a pair of overalls on a lazy weekend? Apparently nothing! They are practical, comfortable and chic at the same time. Overalls are currently trending style that is easy to incorporate and looks fresh and laid-back. Here is a style guide on how to have fun with overalls…

  • Nothing can beat the classic denim overalls. But picking up the right fit is the key to make the overalls work. Although straight-cut and flared fits are in now, you need to assess your body and pick a fit that flatters your figure.
  • There are plenty of options regarding what to wear overalls with. Stripes add a playful look to overalls and can really give you that youthful vibe;feminine blouses in delicate fabrics like knits and laces can work magic and beautifully contrast the ruggedness of the overalls.
  • Layering can be fun! If you are looking to have fun with black overalls, team it up with a grey blazer and add some color to your appearance by slipping into a pair of red pumps. For a more relaxed look, you can put on a beige cardigan and wear a pair of beige strappy heeled sandals.
  • And the best thing about overalls is that you can dress them up as much as you want!

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May 22nd, 2016

Celebrities’ Best-kept Style Secrets are Out!


Linen Cap-sleeve Star Tee

Who doesn’t love to ogle celebrity styles? They are so very beautiful and so well-out-together that one cannot help but look them up with adoration. If you’re not yet convinced, take a good look at any pinterest page and you’re sure to encounter hundreds, if not thousands, of pins by ardent fashions fans of celebrities clad in tee shirts. Understanding that tee shirts form the basic foundation of any celebrity wardrobe and they are the underlying style gateways for any kind of look is the key to decoding celebrity looks.

Take any celebrity street-style for instance, and you’re sure to find a tee shirt in there somehow! Whether they’re using it as a layering piece with a cool add-on jacket or, using it as the focal point (especially if the tee in question is a statement piece like graphic printed or tie-dye tee) with jeans or a pair of joggers, tee shirt dominate any celebrity street look.

Ah, and if you thought a girls’ best friend and trusted partner in crime, the tee shirt, will outlive its usefulness on the red carpet, you would only be shocked by the number of times stars broke all rules when styling up for major events with a tee shirt and a grand, voluptuous skirt!

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May 21st, 2016

How to Dress-up a Side-slit Maxi

Checkered shirtdress

Checkered shirtdress

No one can deny the charm and comfort of slipping into a jersey-knit maxi dress while heading out in the summer when the days are just too hot for anything else. But comfort alone is not enough to get you any style points among the fashion-conscious, so you’re left with no choice but to mix up style with comfort. Wondering how you can pull off the mix without sacrificing your comfort? Check out our snazzy pick for the summer and discover a few ways to style it that will instantly get you noticed and appreciated…

The side-slit maxi shirtdress from Gap is a blessing in disguise. When styled right, it can look ethereal and posh, and when styled with a bit of attitude, it can look really sexy. To style it to look just charming, you could throw on the white maxi shirtdress with a pair of flats and a sleeveless denim jacket; but when you wear this slit maxi with a pair of knee-high strappy gladiator sandals, you’re in for a sexy knockout! You get bonus points if you could manage to find a pair of strappy gladiators in silver since white and silver are a truly flattering combination.

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May 19th, 2016

Pregnancy Style from Blake Lively


Tancel® Swing Dress

Ever since she became a regular at the Cannes Film Festival, Blake Lively has been giving us a serious dose of wardrobe envy; as if we weren’t already jealous of her beyond-fabulous outfits, smart accessories and creative looks. But this year, the star is pregnant with her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds! So, without any delay, let’s take a look at some of Blake’s gorgeous Cannes outfits…

The undisputed Style Queen wore a custom-made Versace blue one-shoulder gown with  silver sequins teamed with silver strappy heels; we don’t know if it was the sleek up-do, barely-there make-up, or those killer legs flaunted by the daring side slit of her gown, but one thing’s for sure – this is no ordinary pregnancy style!

If you thought the pretty lady could only pull off this kind of magic with big names, she could do just about the same with new designers too! Seen during a night-time event, the Gossip Girl star wore a nautical red and white striped sheath with an enchanting red Chanel coat embellished with flowers and feathers at the hem and sleeves. She carried a blue pill-box purse and wore studded Louboutins to complete her look!

If you want to mimic any of the star’s looks, you just got to shop the part! For instance, recreate her Versace magic with a simple Tancel denim swing dress teamed with silver heels and a matching silver clutch, or the striped dress with a similar striped jersey dress and colorful heels! Whatever you do, don’t forget to shop at Gap before May 18, 2016, for you have a cool 35% discount waiting for you! All you have to do is, use the Gap coupon code STYLE at checkout to avail this offer.

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May 17th, 2016

What are Workhorses?


Fitted Boyfriend Oxford Shirt

If you’ve read a write-up or talked to any fashionista about wardrobe classics and must-have pieces for every season, you’d come across the term ‘workhorses’. It’s quite a popular term, with a definition as widely spread as the term fashion itself; workhorses are, by fault, clothes or pieces that get maximum mileage. These are the foundation pieces with which you can create a number of advanced looks and outfits that are staggeringly beautiful. These are the building blocks to a great wardrobe; workhorses are the secrets to creating many interesting looks.

So, what are workhorses? Depending on your lifestyle, whether corporate or casual, workhorses can be anything from a wardrobe full of plaid shirts and denims, to a wardrobe filled with posh dresses and work suits!

While there is no definitive or pre-set rule when it comes to what are workhorses, you can safely say that some timeless classic pieces like the good old white shirt, skinny jeans, flared tailored denim trousers, plaid shirt, basic white tee, neutral suit, a black and a white blazer, denim jacket, leather moto jacket and a few shoes like cognac leather boots, nude pumps, black work shoes, tan sandals and red pumps fall under the category.

Now that you have a brief idea about workhorses, it’s time to ask yourself, whether you have enough workhorses in your closet right now! In case you’re looking to add a few pieces like a crisp white shirt, navy pants and such, here’s a fabulous offer from Gap that can save you some extra cash too. Shop today, May 16, 2016 and avail a good 40%  offer just by using the Gap coupon code STARS at checkout. Hurry!

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May 16th, 2016