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Kate Middleton Pulls Off Another Nautical Look!


Modern Stripe Boatneck Tee

Nautical looks have always been a favorite of Kate Middleton’s! The pretty lady has a fondness for the sailor-inspired stripes; and given her knack for repeating outfits time and again, it comes as no surprise that she resorted to one her classic styles for her recent outing during the close of the British Leg of the America’s Cup World Series event in Porsmouth, England, on July 26, 2015.

Dressed in set of skinny jeans in navy and a black and white classic striped boat-neck tee, Kate topped off her ensemble with a gold-buttoned blazer in navy! For accessories, the pretty lady had on a pair of pearl drop earrings, a pair of suede navy pumps and pulled her hair back into a slick ponytail that sort of nailed her game-day look! She also played her casual style by keeping her make-up very simple and unpretentious! While we love Kate’s style, there are many ways you can recreate the same look for less!

You could either mimic Kate’s look as it is or go with a striped nautical-themed tee shirt and pair it with skinny light-wash jeans and a white blazer; alternately, you could also go with white jeans, a striped tee shirt and a smart red blazer and tap into your inner style goddess!

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August 3rd, 2015

3 Ways to Wear a Chambray Shirtdress!


Chambray Shirtdress

There are some fashion situations where you cannot wear a denim shirt; it’s during these times that a chambray shirt comes in handy! A popular option for winter, the chambray shirt is a wardrobe staple for our celebrities and fashionistas. And, this season, it looks like the chambray shirtdress, aka the longer version of the chambray shirt, is becoming really popular. We’ve already spotted a number of celebrities donning this style and each one was spectacular! Here we’ve sourced out 3 unique ways you can rock your chambray shirtdress with ease!

Go light! Some chambray shirtdresses are really light in color and are perfect for beach days. You can make them office-ready by pairing them with light accessories. A light wash chambray shirtdress will make a fantastic option with a set of tan booties, tan pleated leather belt and a matching handbag. This look spells comfort and chic and is ideal for a casual day at work!

Go dark! If you really want to tap into that goth girl look with losing your sense of style, you can pick and dark wash chambray shirtdress and style it with a pair of black stocking, black heels, a black  handbag and if you can, a set of black metal earrings! By infusing an all-black element into your look, you can safely play up your dark fantasies without losing base with your personal style!

Go bling! A medium wash chambray shirtdress will act as the perfect canvas to build your party-girl look! The thing about a faux-denim aka chambray shirtdress is that it is stylish by itself; so you don’t have to add any frills or fancies. Just throw on some party accessories like a metallic clutch, a pair of silver hoops and some statement metallic shoes to get that preppy look!

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August 1st, 2015

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding!


Striped Shift Dress

Naturally, the easiest way to fit in the beach wedding scene is to go with a nautically themed outfit like a striped sheath dress or a striped fit-and-flare short dress! Simple, chic and understated, the nautically striped option will ensure that your style is polished yet not too overbearing! You can pair them with basic essentials like a pair of gold-strap thong sandals or a nice pair of nude wedges. If you feel the cold pinch, you can have a soft cardigan wrapped around your shoulders or go with a jacket!

Lively floral prints against a vivacious background spell a class affair for a simple Hawaiian style wedding. They give off an edgy and adventurous vibe while keeping you grounded with their splendid prints. Make sure to pick bright floral pieces that are not too dark or moody; go for something that is preppy, light and perfect for an outdoor wedding. Also, you can opt for muted soft floral prints against an inky background – a popular style for the moment – one that can win you a number of style points! Don’t forget to add some cute accessories like a trendy clutch and set of gold earrings or a gold pendant necklace for a dazzling effect!

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August 1st, 2015

Luxe in Leather!


Leather Zip-pocket Skirt

One of the best reasons to shop at Gap during transitional period is that you can get great styles at incredible prices. Like the Leather Zip-pocket Skirt from Gap! We found this beauty hiding among the massive collection of clothing at the sale section; one look, and we couldn’t help but fall in love with this one! Now, you might think that leather is not an appropriate choice for the season, but seriously ladies, you couldn’t be more wrong. Not only is this perfect for the summer (it’s super short, but not that short), it’s also perfect for the coming fall! The color of the skirt is also a mix between a deep burgundy and a mixed oxblood, which is the ultimate color of the year – so you can never go wrong with this one! It also has zipper pockets at the sides which are great; even if you don’t use them to stuff cash or your cell phone, you could always embrace the style element they offer.

When shopping for a leather skirt you have to consider the length and the fit of the skirt; either you want a fitting short mini skirt or a knee-length pencil skirt, a flouncy pleated mini or a pleated midi skirt! But all these types are super-difficult for you style. Unlike the A-line skirt which would be perfect! You could wear it with loose-fitting tops or curve-hugging tanks and still strike the perfect balance in your outfit!

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July 29th, 2015

How to Dress your Long-waisted Body!


Modern Stretch Skinny Crop Khakis

It’s not just enough to dress according to your shape; you need to figure out your vertical proportions and dress accordingly to get the most out of your garments. The best and possibly quickest way to tell if you’re long-waisted is to fit two hand widths under your bust; if you can fit more than two hand widths, then you have a long-waisted figure. Now that you know your vertical proportions, let’s find out how you can dress your long-waisted body to get the most out of your clothes!

Since you have a long torso and short legs, you need to look for outfits and accessories that can elongate your legs. Work with high heels; make them a part of your regular wardrobe and include them in as many outfits as you possibly can. While nude heels that concur with your skin tone can work magic for your legs, you can also explore other color options.

Another trick to make you torso look smaller and legs longer, is to opt for tucked in shirts and blouses with high-waisted pants. Pick tops or shirts that have large print patterns that can make your torso look small. As for skirts, don them with short blouses and tops; if that’s not possible, just cover up your regular tops with a moto jacket that ends higher up on your torso.

Use a lot of accessories: large earrings, hoops and small pendant necklace can add width to your torso!

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July 29th, 2015

Borrowed from the Girls!


Lived-in Watercolor Shirt

Women’s fashion has always taken an inspiration from men’s wear trends for decades now! The comfortable fabrics, relaxed silhouette and the casual attitude that can stem from using men’s fashion is hard to mimic with made-for-women clothes. Soon the term ‘borrowed from the boyfriend’ became the by line in fashion! But now the tables have turned, so to speak! Even today, women continue to take ideas from men’s styles, but the number of men who take cues from women’s wear trends are by far greater!

The line separating women’s wear from men’s wear has blurred significantly in the past few decades! With men rocking skinny jeans and colored chinos (a predominately female thing to do – colors!), there seems to no distinction as to where the line stops! You see, we’re loving it! The whole borrowed from the girl’s look!

The styles worn by women, once considered as sacred territory, is now open for anybody to take cues from! And one such piece that has successfully transitioned from women’s closet to the men’s wardrobe is the printed shirt! Thanks to the number of designers and models who have actively campaigned that men should take up colors and pick up styles from women, now we have a lot of takers!

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July 29th, 2015

Rock your Shorts Like a Pro!


Floral print shorts

Despite the number of options to look like a leggy lass in summer, one of the most prominent styles are shorts! Of course, there are cute floral frocks and nice printed skirts, but for those looking to enjoy a little comfort and savor the beauty of showing off their legs, shorts will prove to the best option! Plus, there are a number of options when it comes to shorts; you can choose from printed or solid colored shorts, twill or cotton ones and cuffed or plain shorts! With so many options, how do you style them for a chic look! Here are a few suggestions to help you stay stylish, effortlessly…

Denim shorts provide the ultimate my-girl-Friday style! But you could also work them up for a semi-formal look with a tailored white blouse and a matching white blazer. You could get a summer patterned foldable clutch to give this somber look a pinch of color!

Romanticize lace with a pair of lace shorts teamed with a quirky striped black and white tee shirt. A pair of lace shorts will be a beautiful transitional piece that can work between girly and flirty to utilitarian and retro-styled in no time. Since this is an ultra-feminine look, you can go with a set of booties if you want an edgy look, but you could just stick with classic pumps if you want a pretty overly-precious look!

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July 26th, 2015

Summer Pants that Aren’t Jeans!


Zipper Jogger

We are extraordinarily biased when it comes to choosing summer pants; we either go for a simple pair of denims or opt for other trendy cousins such as skinny pants, tailored straight pants, boot cut pants and flared pants. But there are so many other variations when it comes to pants, that you can actually spend an entire summer without denims. Here are some alternate options for you to explore…

Harem Pants: With comfort as the by line, harem pants could just be your perfect companions for summer. These pants are super-fabricated and have tons of fabric hanging off at the bottom; so don these cuties with tight-fitting tank tops or wrap-front blouses to create a balance in your silhouette. You can also wear it with a loose-fitting off-the-shoulder tee shirt, provided you wear a fitting tank top underneath and create a balanced silhouette!

Cargo Pants: Borrowed from the boys, this style couldn’t get any cuter for a lady! Just wear them with a tank top and a denim jacket and you would have an adventurer look about you. Perfect for weekend getaways and adventure trips like camping, rafting and hiking, this combo will give you lots of comfort while keeping you cool in this hot weather.

Track Pants: With so much being talked about other varieties, how on earth could we forget the all-time summer favorites, the track pants! Now that the whole fashion scene has embraced jogger pants as the ultimate summer destination for all things fashionably cool, you should too!

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July 23rd, 2015

Looking Good Everyday!


Braided Weave Fedora

Looking good on date night is an easy task; but when you’re asked to do that every day, you tend to fall into a pattern! And, that’s exactly what happens with your work wardrobe: you have a pattern or a style! So, how do you break out of that pattern and still look fresh and different everyday? Read on to find the answers…

A simple way to add spice to your routine work attire is to switch things a bit and play it up in style. For instance, if you’re known for your tailored work shirts, how about playing it out with a solid white turtleneck sweater? Can’t do that? Just add a nice fedora hat to your ensemble! Of course, you would have to take it off during work hours, but then, you could always arrive in style!

If you can get your suits tailored, you can ask your tailor to make some subtle changes in the very structure of your suit that don’t steer you away from the formal dress code yet significant enough to offer you some cool style! How about a case of slantingly curved hems for your suit jacket or your shirt?

These are just the many ways you can make your everyday looks special and fun! For more ideas and tips, stay tuned; in the mean time, shop at Gap and save a nice 35% on your purchase, including sale styles, with Gap online coupons. Simply enter the Gap coupon code HAPPY at checkout to claim this offer. Hurry, this offer expires today, July 22, 2015. Shop now!

July 22nd, 2015

Play Princess with Cool Summer Styles from Gap!


Belted Fit-and-flare Dress

If you’ve ever played princess with your dolls as a kid, then you would understand that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look like a real life princess. But to be realistic, the odds of a grown woman walking down the streets dressed in huge ball gowns and pretty tiaras is highly unlikely. It’s simply not worth the risk! The easy solution, if you ask, is to just steal elemental pieces from your favorite princess’ dress and use it to create your own style.

A draped soft-green sundress made from loose fabrics like jersey, chiffon or rayon will make a great choice to if you want to mimic Princess Tiana. A pair of matching shoes would be the pricess-y choice, but you can opt for a set of nude pumps and go with a nude clutch to recreate Tiana’s look but with sass and style!

The most popular among all the female Disney characters would have to be Snow White.  Her costume has some fabulous colors that mimic the retro theme of the 70′s; she has a short bob cut, wears a red bow and those puffed-up sleeves are to-die-for! If you want to mimic her look, you can go with a bright yellow skirt and a polka dot top in blue. The polka top would be a great way to bring in the 70′s theme and the yellow skirt will be a nice color choice which the Disney princess herself would approve of. And, you could use a red hair band if you like, but you could also make without it! But the one thing you simply cannot ignore about this look, are Snow White’s killer shoes – a pair of bow-tie court heels in red and sometimes, in yellow!

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July 21st, 2015