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3 Secrets about the Fashion Industry!


Sleeveless Stripe Fit-and-flare Dress

If you’re one of those girls who religiously wait for the fashion week to start, just so you could catch up with the fashion trends for the next season early on, then here are some secrets about the fashion industry that might interest you!

It’s never about the fashion week, it’s all about the fashion month! If you’re working anywhere within the fashion industry, you would know it never just ends with the weekend, fashion weeks last an entire month and spans everywhere around the globe! From London to Milan through Paris, you need to get your daily dose of fashion from all over the globe. Period!

Great attitude is a ditto to great shoes! You know how it goes, ‘a look is only as good the shoes you don’t it with’; well said! But the same applies to your attitude as well! You don’t have to wear a Calvin Klein or a Rebecca Taylor to work, just rock your hand-made home-made outfits with gallons of attitude and you would still look stunning! Even if your heart skips a beat every time you spot someone carrying a Prada bag, you can still make do with what you already have and strut about like it’s Gucci!

Fashion never sleeps! So, if you’re thinking of using excuses like you had a fight with your boyfriend last night, you have a terrible cold or you’re simply too tired to get out of the bed, just remember there’s just no respite from fashion! You need to look presentable and rocking good every time you step out of your home!

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