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3 Shopping Rules to Live By!


Fitted Boyfriend Plaid Shirt

Going shopping this week? Planning on upgrading your spring wardrobe? Or, you’re bored of your personal style and what to explore the unexplored? Here are 3 shopping rules to live by that can get you anywhere you want to go with your style. Wondering what they are?

  1. Fit
  2. Fabric
  3. Function

Fit: Before you go shopping, take the help of a friend or learn to use a measuring tape and get yourselves measured. Knowing your measurements is the first step in getting the fitment right; the next step is knowing how to look for garments that fit you correctly! They say experience is a great teacher, but you can always take the help of a shop assistant in finding pieces that fit you or, if you’re shopping online, use an online fitting guide or pick brands that you’re already familiar with!

Fabric: Now, choosing the appropriate fabric that fits you is the key to having great style! Choose your fabric according to the weather and the kind of atmosphere you’re going to be wearing it in. It is pointless to opt fora super-thin cotton shirt for work even during summer, if the temperature inside your office (where you’re planning on wearing the shirt) feels like sub-zero!

Function: Choose clothes that can do more than just one job! A perfectly fitted button-front shirt should also double up as casual wear and not just be perfect for work! Choose clothes that can be interchanged; they vastly improve your outfit combination and give unlimited options for dressing up or down!

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