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3 Steps to Simplify Getting Dressed


Solid Fringe Scarf

Stepping out of your home looking stylish every single day can be quite a challenge; and in the process of going out in a hurry, one or two things obviously tend to get missed out or forgotten. But what if you had a system for getting dressed that flows effortlessly and makes things a breeze? Here’s a working solution for you to try out…

1. Use the bottoms-up or top-down approach to pick your clothes. Put them on and move to the outer layer; while getting dressed would be really simplified if you match your outerwear and bottom-wear, it certainly takes the fun and creativity out of the process. So, take some time to pick outerwear but only after you’re already put on the top and bottom-wear.

2. Move to accessories like shoes, necklaces, bracelets in the second step. Once you’re already dressed, it would be easy to pick out shoes and jewelry that match, and this will also give you time to try out new combinations as compared to just putting together an outfit in your head or on the hangar the previous night.

3. As the last step, add one more item to your outfit! It could be anything from a scarf to a brooch, even a tiny Swarovski encrusted ring – just for a hint of style!

Now that you have a simplified but stylish route to getting dressed in the mornings, here’s us toasting to a fashionable you! And, if you’re looking for pieces to add to your outfit or accessories collection, check out the options at Gap first; shop today, April 18, 2016 and avail a whopping 40% discount on your purchase by using the Gap coupon code HAPPY at checkout. Hurry!

Happy shopping with Gap online coupons!