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3 Ways to Wear Leggings to Work!



Before we go on a quest to find out all the street-friendly and office-friendly means to wear a pair of leggings, let’s first understand this one basic fact; Leggings are not pants! Read that in caps! Leggings, really, are not pants! So, if you’re planning on wearing them to work with nothing but just a nice tee shirt, don’t! It’s just not acceptable! But, there are other means in which you can incorporate a pair of leggings to work.

Look 1: Wear it with a nice sheer tunic top! Leggings make a good combo with a cute tunic that’s too short to be worn as it is and too see-through that you simply need to layer it! But before you start pulling out all your favorite tunic tops, just make sure that the top covers at least a major portion of your rear.

Look 2: You can wear leggings with a good old tee and an extra lengthy boyfriend shirt. Just make sure the shirt is actually long enough to hit your mid-thigh. You can leave the front of the shirt un-buttoned and style this look with a pair of boots to nail that tough-girl look.

Look 3: Bored of the sweater dress? Then try wearing it with a pair of leggings and accessorize with a broad leather belt to keep things simple and sophisticated. You can perfect this look with a pair of Mary Jane shoes and a leather handbag.

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