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4 Steps to a Clutter-free Closet


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Do you find yourself standing in front of your brimming closet every morning wondering what to wear for the day? It’s about time you considered de-cluttering your closet! Here are 4 simple steps to help you along the way…

Stay committed: Committing yourselves to the project is the first step to a cleaner, neater, more organized and clutter-free closet. First, make up your mind and stick to your resolution.

Start small: When you start with your entire closet, the task can prove to a tough one even for the pros! Start small; start with smaller portions of your closet and then move on to tougher areas. For instance, if you find it tough to de-clutter your entire closet in one day, start with your accessories collection. Organizing shoes, jewelry, scarves and handbags will only take little time but will boost your confidence and give you the strength to tackle the rest of your closet.

Be firm: The process of de-cluttering can only be successful if you are firm and tough. Holding on to items that you no longer wear, items that no longer fit and have no value, was what led to a brimming closet (with nothing meaningful to wear) in the first place; so, it’s important that you stay firm and make logical decisions while cleaning your closet.

Have fun: For those that absolutely hate the idea of staying home during weekends for something like as mundane as cleaning out your closet, make the session fun with great music and a nice glass of wine; and once you’re done, be sure to reward yourself with something nice – may be a nice purse or a treat at your favorite restaurant!

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