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4 Tips to Having a Capsule Wardrobe in Spring


Garden Floral Floppy Skirt

As winter rolls out and spring rolls in, it becomes imperative to gear up with new a set of clothing for the new season; but does that change has to come at the cost of your peace? After all, you’ve spent quite a lot of time downsizing and toning down to a capsule wardrobe the past winter! The simple answer is no! You don’t have to lose your peace of mind; you can have a functional spring wardrobe and still keep it capsuled! Here are some tips to help you out…

1. Change your footwear! All through winter, you’ve been besties with boots and booties; for spring, switch your shoe game to flats, wedges, sandals and include lots of flats. Even if you live in a place that has inclement weather even after winter, having a wide variety of shoes can always work in your favor!

2. Spring colors! It’s not without reason that fashionistas and stylists have coined the term while describing a spring collection. Spring fashionably translates to a myriad of colors, and the best way to do that would be to make subtle additions to your wardrobe, such as a few printed tops, a printed blazer (but strictly monochrome), a couple of colorful woven bracelets, earrings and the like. Include these items in your wardrobe for some effortless spring style!

3. Switch to a wide variety of bottom-wear! The best news you could probably get, if you’re a strict minimalist, is that you can totally retain all the tops from your winter wardrobe with a few additions in bottom-wear. You can also totally retain your boyfriend jeans from last season, and invest in a couple of maxi or midi skirts, or a pair of baggy culottes.

4. Don’t forget the finishing pieces! Small but significant additions like a light-weight chiffon printed scarf, a colorful cardigan or a pair of earrings can complement your outfit and bring in that lively, happy feeling that’s synonymous with spring styles!

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