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5 Things to Learn from a Minimalist


Ribbed Moto Jacket

Being a minimalist is not just in ‘fashion’; it really works. As proved by the countless internet celebrities and real-life fashion icons, who just love the minimalist life, there is so much to learn from them, starting with these 5 important tips!

  1. Before you head out shopping, make a list! Have a clear idea of what you want; not only will it help you narrow down the ones you need, it will also help you stay away from unwanted purchase that you bought just because they were on sale and might not see the light of day anytime soon!
  2. Once you’ve rounded up on the exact item you want, try it out! Even if you’re too tired, never make a purchase without trying it on first! For online shoppers, shop from a brand you trust and know will fit!
  3. Set a budget and stick to it! This is another way to avoid making unwanted purchases and stuffing your closet with clothes that are great but unpractical or not suitable for your lifestyle!
  4. Rely on quality rather than quantity! If you’ve set a budget for two tee shirts but you find one that’s pricey, shop for it; it will last longer than the combined lifetimes of the two tee shirts and will offer an unparalleled fit!
  5. Minimalists steer clear of highly trendy items that may go out of style soon. You can rein yourself from buying too many trendy pieces that might not work with each other or with your existing wardrobe!

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