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How to Wear Clogs Fashionably

A quick Google search about clogs would yield you results ranging from why clogs are fashionable to clogs being man-repellants! While you may have a good laugh reading through the write-ups, clogs are here and now; which means, it’s about time you learned some simple tips on working with clogs and making them look fashionable! [...]

Ring in the Festivities with Bling!

Wondering what’s the best way to ring in the festivities this year? How about some sparkle and glitter? Bling, as it’s commonly known in the fashion circuit, is always popular this time around! So, if you’re looking for some bling accessories to amp up your festival style, here are a few choicy picks from Gap… [...]

Three Reasons to Get the Colorblock Leather Crossbody Bag Today!

There’s certainly a lot going on in the fashion industry with so many trends spared for the mighty ‘change’. But there seems to be a winner among the lot that’s managed to stay in trend for so long since the early 2012 – the colorblock trend! With just a little change incorporated in to this [...]

Fall’s Trendsetters Now at a Fabulous 25% Off!

A pop of color never gets outdated in fashion, be it any season. And so, fall has decided to stick with this statement-making norm, this time as well! Infinity scarves, colorblock totes, pointy-toe flats, fall seems to go strong with these trendsetters that make for a big impression. And the best part about these accessories [...]

Shop Plush Leather Booties and More at Gap at a Big 30% Discount – Valid Through July 11, 2013!

You’ve seen them on the catwalk, you’ve seen them in the red carpet and street-style photographs being worn by the trendsetters who could look good for a living, well, if you haven’t yet – maybe it’s time you give the lace-up booties a space in your wardrobe and daily style too! Here are a few [...]

Grab A Pair of Printed Wedges at a 25% Discount from Gap!

Printed wedges can bring an outfit from plain to pop! Throw on whatever you like, maybe a pair of denim or khaki shorts with a simple tee and slip on a pair of printed wedges, they’ll instantly take your outfit from casual and plain to hot and happening! Check out the printed wedges in Gap, [...]

Bright Bags: The Latest Addition to Your Spring Style! Get Them at a 25% Discount from Gap!

Spring fever everywhere! There’s been a huge fashion revolution with the spring trend starting out from pastel outfits to pointed-toe shoes. And yet, there’s a new kid to join the latest trend – bright neon bags! Well, guess who introduced this style to the fashion bugs? It was the singer from the Girls Aloud fame, [...]

Celebrate Super Bowl’s Most Memorable Moments with Gap!

As Beyonce’s performance is awaited today, let’s take a look at some of the most memorable half time shows of the past years – Super Bowl XXVII: Michael Jackson Michael Jackson’s performance in 1993 is acclaimed to have been one of the most-watched halftime shows in history. After entering the stage amidst sparks and smoke, [...]

Shop for Stylish Kids’ Swimming Essentials at a 35% Discount from Gap

Stress from work or home getting to you? Head to the beach this weekend with your family! As the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson quoted, “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” Whether you’re just sunbathing, playing in the sand or wading in water, nothing beats a relaxing day out at the [...]

Trend Alert: Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes have been in and out the fashion scene since the 1950s, but now, the flat-shoe-trend is at its peak. Sport a pair with shorts and a billowy shirt in summer, with floral dresses in spring and, with layers of clothing in autumn and winters. Here are a few ways to sport these stylish [...]