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All AboutSpring’s Hottest Accessory – the Choker


Soft Plaid Boyfriend Shirt

Let us first declare that the first person to get infatuated with the choker was Kate Moss during her modeling days. But soon the choker made way for other, more-elaborate neck adornments that we forgot about chokers altogether. But then, Kendall Jenner decided to make this her signature accessory and the world went crazy all over again! Now everyone, right from Johnny Depp’s teenage daughter Lily-Rose to established fashionistas like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Kim Kardashian are wearing the choker. But is there a right way to wear it? First, let’s ask ourselves if there’s a wrong way to wear it! Well, there is none! You can wear a choker necklace with everything from jeans and a checked shirt to a crop top and a billowing skirt. Then again, you could also wear it with an expensive Balmain dress like Kim, or with a sexy cut-out jumpsuit like Rosie.

Chokers are great for showing off your slender neck; they are great for providing distraction when you’re wearing a neckline that’s too deep; and they’re also great for showing off your carefree, rebellious spirit! With tons of ways to wear the choker with, it’s time you invested in a choker, and grabbed some suitable outfits to go with it! Shop at Gap today (April 30, 2016) and use the Gap coupon code DEAL at checkout to avail the fabulous mystery deal. Just key in the Gap online coupon code at checkout to reveal your savings! Hurry!