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Bob Marley – The Legend that Lives On

Bob Marley Graphic TeeLet’s take a look back at the life of the famous reggae singer and peace icon, Bob Marley. Though he’s gone, he lives on through his music!

Bob’s father, Norval  Sinclair Marley was a British Naval captain stationed in Jamaica and his mother, Cedella came from the Jamaican village of Nine Mile in Saint Ann Parish. When he was small, Bob M spent his time as a shepherd and read people’s palms, predicting their future. But, at a young age of 7, he decided he would stop reading palms and follow a more distinguished career path – singing!

Bob Marley began making music at the age of thirteen. The pursuit of his career was not an easy road; there were times he even had to spend nights sleeping in a friend’s kitchen closet! But he gained fame in no time and by 1999 his album Exodus was chosen as the Best Album of the 20th century by Time magazine.

Though he died at a young age of 36 from cancer on May 11, 1981, in his short life, he made some of the most memorable music of the 20th century. He is acclaimed for introducing the Caribbean musical genre to the world. Bob Marley wrote songs that came straight from his heart about social justice, social conscience, unity and more. His music greatly spoke for peace. Music was not the only reason people loved him, it was also for his philosophies.

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