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Borrowed from the Girls!


Lived-in Watercolor Shirt

Women’s fashion has always taken an inspiration from men’s wear trends for decades now! The comfortable fabrics, relaxed silhouette and the casual attitude that can stem from using men’s fashion is hard to mimic with made-for-women clothes. Soon the term ‘borrowed from the boyfriend’ became the by line in fashion! But now the tables have turned, so to speak! Even today, women continue to take ideas from men’s styles, but the number of men who take cues from women’s wear trends are by far greater!

The line separating women’s wear from men’s wear has blurred significantly in the past few decades! With men rocking skinny jeans and colored chinos (a predominately female thing to do – colors!), there seems to no distinction as to where the line stops! You see, we’re loving it! The whole borrowed from the girl’s look!

The styles worn by women, once considered as sacred territory, is now open for anybody to take cues from! And one such piece that has successfully transitioned from women’s closet to the men’s wardrobe is the printed shirt! Thanks to the number of designers and models who have actively campaigned that men should take up colors and pick up styles from women, now we have a lot of takers!

Forget the plaid shirt and take up the printed shirt for your casual Sunday style! Shop now and save a sweet 35% on full-priced styles simply by entering the Gap coupon code STYLE at checkout. Hurry, this offer is valid only until August 2, 2015.

Happy shopping with Gap online coupons!