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Breaking the Rules of Fashion – the Daphne Guinness Way


Black Wrap Dress

Just like how some movies make a big impact on us and some don’t, there are masters of fashion, otherwise called style icons that have quick fame and then retaliate, but then there are those like Daphne Guinness who make sure their mark is never forgotten.

A heiress, a journalist, a producer, a designer, she is many things, but her biggest impression comes in the form of fashion. While the rest of us join the fads for the sake of it, Daphne uses fashion as a means of expression and that, is what a true fashionista lives by.

The biggest designers are in awe of her, Tom Ford says she is possibly the most stylish woman living, Karl Lagerfeld calls her a muse and Valentino once talked of how she amazes him all the time, he said, “When I think she has reached the best, then she comes up with something better.” An article was written of her in the New Yorker, where the writer said the effect of Daphne is that of, “a slightly deranged fairy invented by C. S. Lewis”

So what makes her style so special? Like Dita Von Tesse with her retro love or Kristen Stewart with her faithfulness to simplistic styles, Daphne Guinness is not deterred by trends. Rather, she opens her closets and sets trends when she steps out of her home.

She has a flair for gothic but is never far from elegance, favoring black, white and dazzling stones, her love for fashion shines through her glaring eyes. You will often see her decked up in slick, tailored pieces with a lot of bejewelments, outfit finished with panache with her signature heel-less shoes. Daphne is one who knows how to make an entrance and ensure that she is the center of attraction at any event.

She is an inspiration for all lovers of fashion and the question dawns on each one of us, will we be a giver or a taker? Will we set a mark, create our impression in fashion, or follow marks already set?

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