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Button-down Shirts for Summer!


Fitted Oxford Boyfriend Shirt

This title alone is enough to get you started on the number reasons as to why a button-down shirt would be unsuitable for summer. Now is the time you can go care-free with your outfit; you don’t have to opt for body-con sweaters and dresses that cling to your frame. Now is your chance to go casual and relax a bit. So why would you want to go all button-up and formal with a button-down shirt? Here’s why…

Contrary to popular conceptions, a button-down shirt is a beautiful summer wear option! Although it’s designed as a formal wear, you can dress it down and perfect it for the summer. One of the major pluses about wearing a button-down in summer is that you don’t have to get them clean pressed. You can actually wear them creased and crushed and they would still look fashionable. You don’t have to worry about them looking posh and perfect and you can wear them tucked out! There is also this nagging issue with a button-down shirt: it tends to gap at the buttons every time you sit down or twist to the sides. Now that it’s summer, you can go a bit relaxed with your style and actually not have to worry about the gape. If you’re really conscious about it, then you can slip a tank top underneath and use the added advantage and undo a few top buttons in your shirt.

With so much to gain from wearing a button-down shirt in summer, here’s your chance to make the most of it. Gap offers an exclusive 30% discount on regular-priced styles with Gap online coupons. Just key in the Gap coupon code PRINTS at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offers expires by July 12, 2015!