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Celebrities’ Best-kept Style Secrets are Out!


Linen Cap-sleeve Star Tee

Who doesn’t love to ogle celebrity styles? They are so very beautiful and so well-out-together that one cannot help but look them up with adoration. If you’re not yet convinced, take a good look at any pinterest page and you’re sure to encounter hundreds, if not thousands, of pins by ardent fashions fans of celebrities clad in tee shirts. Understanding that tee shirts form the basic foundation of any celebrity wardrobe and they are the underlying style gateways for any kind of look is the key to decoding celebrity looks.

Take any celebrity street-style for instance, and you’re sure to find a tee shirt in there somehow! Whether they’re using it as a layering piece with a cool add-on jacket or, using it as the focal point (especially if the tee in question is a statement piece like graphic printed or tie-dye tee) with jeans or a pair of joggers, tee shirt dominate any celebrity street look.

Ah, and if you thought a girls’ best friend and trusted partner in crime, the tee shirt, will outlive its usefulness on the red carpet, you would only be shocked by the number of times stars broke all rules when styling up for major events with a tee shirt and a grand, voluptuous skirt!

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