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Denim Delight – Skirts!


1969 Denim Pocket Skirt

Do you simply love wearing skirts? Have you ever tried on a denim skirt and simply fallen in love with it? If you didn’t, then you haven’t fully grasped the idea of wearing a denim skirt. So, read on to find out more about this essential all-weather wardrobe staple that will simply become you most beloved item of clothing this season.

A denim skirt is forever! You can dress it up or dress it down, with the right accessories and get so much more from just this one simple outfit. Denim, in general can be worn with anything and everything and that applies to the denim skirt too. You can pair it with shirts, tops, tunics, tanks and denim tops too.

A denim skirt gives you the added advantage of a professionally tailored skirt without the mess of the loose fabric or the tight-fit of the pencil skirt. For example when it comes to a professional pencil skirt or a mini skirt, you have to deal with the tight-fit. That restricts movement and during inclement weather it can be highly uncomfortable. But if you have to choose something with a loose silhouette, like a chiffon skirt or a jersey skirt, then the fit would be loose and yes, the comfort factor will also be good but you will lose a lot of style points when you get outdoors. You see, these fabrics swish and sway with every movement and with a slight gush of the wind, you might end up with a little Kate Middleton moment.

So, the best way to enjoy the comfort of skirts – is with the denim skirt! With its fabric so soft and breathable and its fit that’s not too tight and not too loose but stays in place even in the wind, a denim skirt is the perfect choice.

So are you convinced with the benefits of wearing a denim skirt for the winter? Then, it’s time you to get busy shopping at Gap to find a few denim skirts that suit your style. Also, you can use the Gap coupon code MAJOR to avail a nice 40% discount on your purchase. Hurry, this offer expires by October 25, 2015. Enjoy shopping with Gap online coupons!