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Dress to Look Mature and Young!


Twist-hem Striped Pencil Skirt

Looking forever young is like a dream come true for many; but time does move on and with it, age too! So, how to look young and mature without looking like you’re trying too hard to mask your age? Here are a few tips that can help you walk through the tricky part, effortlessly…

One of the most important factors to consider when dressing your age is to avoid wearing clothes or shopping at racks that stock clothing for obvious 20-year olds! All of those too-short-to-be-true skirts and those frilly tunic tops that might make you look sort-of-young has to go! Walk away from these, ladies! Instead, opt for simple pieces with a hint of character; like a pencil skirt that has a high-low hem or a twist hem and pair them with a button-down shirt with soft and delicate prints! Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable; like a sheath dress with a jacket! But if you feel wearing solid colors might make you look too mature and old, you can go for classy prints such as miniscule floral prints, brush-stroke prints and artistic geometric patterns that can add class to your look and also work to make you look young! Avoid wearing outfits that deliberately show-off; they can come across as immature and might even give the idea that you’re trying too hard to look young! Sleeveless outfits or gowns with a decent key hole back might be a nice option to play it safe and to keep things strictly mature!

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