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Dress-up for Winter!


Fit & flare flute dress

Mainstream fashion doesn’t dictate practical fashion! Well, it does have some impact but mainstream fashion has this uncanny knack for breaking all rules and innovating styles that are not-novel but workable! And, the most popular style for fall and winter is the dress! Yes, dresses! Unbelievable as this may sound, dresses have become a popular choice of clothing for the corporate staff and they are coming up with many new and interesting ways to wear them.

Dresses are a smart option for work as compared to pants and tops; and, with dresses, you don’t have to worry about picking the right tops, you can just grab a jacket off the racks and wear it to work. Just work on your shoes and ensure that they match your overall look!

Form-fitting sheath dresses, fit-and-flare without much flare, solid cocktail dresses and the like make a classic combo with cardigans! You just have to make sure that the neckline of your dress and that of your cardigan match! Also, you can also use your cardigan to create a color-block effect with your dress!

When you have a ton of blazers that are great but with no pants to match them with, probably because you wore them out or, are bored of them, dresses are a great option to redeem those blazers back to the ‘workhorse’ status that they previously enjoyed!

Well, that’s just about all the reasons that we could come up with this time! Stay tuned for more options and fashion tips, but don’t forget to shop at Gap now to save big on your purchase with Gap online coupons! Just key in the Gap coupon code MORE at checkout and avail a 40% off 5 or more items; a 30% off 3 or more items and a 20% off when you buy one or more items! Hurry, this offer is on only until November 14, 2015.