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Dressing Smart for Work!


Factory Quilted Vest

It’s really hot outside and although we’re all set to bid goodbye to summer, there is no sign of the sun bearing down on us anytime soon. But once you enter your office, it’s a whole new ball game altogether – it’s like freezer cold! So, how do you battle the odds and stay fashionable without looking like a dork? Here are a few hints that might help you out…

Bank in on the comfort of sweaters, shawls and jackets; while it may sound cliché to suggest that you go with jackets and shawls, the comfort factor that they offer is simply unmistakable. Bring an extra jacket to work and keep it in your desk when you need a blanket of love to envelop you; another option, albeit a fashionable one, is to go with a rugged woolen scarf!

Another simple way to stay warm is to opt for a basic Fair Isle sweater. If you got one from the last winter, you can use it till you can find something fashionable on the racks. But if you need something even more fashionable, then a simple quilted vest might just be a god-send gift for you! If you’ve got a tailored suit-vest, you can wear it too; but a quilted vest spells comfort and warmth!

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