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Fall Furnish your Closet!


Cozy Windowpane Scarf

The changing season is the best reason you can get to take stock of your closet and decide on the pieces you need to keep and the ones you need to toss! But that is one hard decision to make! Here are some questions that may help you decide better…

Does it look good on you? Doesn’t matter whether the trend is on or not, if a piece looks good on you, it’s all the excuse you need to keep it!

Do you love it? There are some pieces that you simply love for a reason; you met your significant other when you wore it, you went to your first opera or play, or you got hired on your first job when you wore the suit and the like. Keep these pieces; someday, they might make a beautiful story to tell your grandkids!

Does it fit? Can it be altered? If an item fits you perfectly, then by all means keep it. If you love it but hate the fit, check from a local tailor if it can be made to fit, if not, then you need to toss it! There is no point in holding on an item that doesn’t fit! You’d probably never wear it and it would take up closet space without being useful!

Have you worn it in the last season? Last year? If the last season does not apply to seasonal pieces, check if you’ve worn it anytime in the last year! If your answer is yes, keep it otherwise let it go to the toss pile!

Does it have sentimental value? Some articles of clothing like the sweater gifted to you by your late grandmother or an inheritance from an aunt – these are pieces that come with history! Keep them at all costs!

Now that you’ve segregated your clothes put back the ‘keep’ pile and give away the ‘toss’ pile. As for the ‘alteration’ pile, attend to them immediately or they may take up valuable real estate in your closet without contributing anything to your style!

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