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Fashion Mistakes you Should Never Do!


Velvet shift dress

Fashion mistakes! It’s one thing we all dread, and hope, and pray, that it never happens to us! Here is a compilation of common mistakes that you should never, ever do!

  1. Adhering to common fashion rules! Like not wearing white after Labor Day or, never mixing black with navy – these age old fashion rules are totally outdated and must be done away with ASAP!
  2. You stick to wearing what some blogger or fashion model says is right and never try to give it your own spin! When they say retro trends are in, you Google 70s fashion and stick to it like your very life depends on it without so much as giving a little modern twist to your outfit!
  3. Buying for the same size every time you go shopping! So, you’ve established your perfect size, should you shop for the same size each time? We suggest that you explore a size up or below your regular and if you find them fitting, just get them! Most often than not, stores stick to sizing different items differently! So, if you regularly shop a size ‘small’ dress in Gap, you shouldn’t have to stick to a size ‘small’ while shopping for tee shirts or tops!
  4. Not wearing heels because you’re already tall! Tall is sexy and wearing heels makes it all the more sexy!
  5. Not mixing prints as often as you should be! You think that fashionistas have magic wand that helps them identify a great outfit? Well, no! it’s trial and error all the way, ladies!

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