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Featured Styles at Gap for a Banging Head Start!


Fur-Trim Snorkel Puffer

It doesn’t come across as an easy task to get dressed up to a T – one false move and you are subjected to harsh criticisms from folks around. Some are a natural at putting together completely contrasting styles yet landing up on a jaw-dropping look, and some are not that lucky at it. But worry not, for you have featured styles at Gap that are sure to make you look like you mean serious business!

Be it the laidback casual look or the full-on formal look, or even so a biker-chic look, styling things up has never been so easy before. Take for instance the parka jacket layered up on a zip cocoon sweat shirt tunic and skinny skimmer jeans – you wouldn’t have the faintest idea about how great they work together for a well coordinate look. And when it even comes to dresses, spicing it up a bit can have anything from an edgy to a girl-next-door effect on you. Like the Merino shoulder patch dress when paired with a pair of opaque tights, Chelsea booties and topped off with a fur-trim snorkel puffer makes for the former edgy-girl look. While, pairing the same dress with nothing but just a pair of slip-on sneakers makes for a discreet girl-next-door look.

It’s just about playing around with styles and seeing how lucky you get with it. But, when you want to cut to the chase and go for a fail-proof look, features styles are you best option.

So if you decide to try on some featured looks, here’s how you do it at a slashed price. Shop for them between today, October 16, 2014 and October 17, 2014 and save a whopping 25% on your purchase! Once you’re through shopping, enter the valid Gap online coupon code HAPPY at checkout to redeem the discount.

Keep exploring and have loads of fun with Gap!