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Flipitty Flopitty Wow!



The onomatopoeic flip-flops are a perfect choice meant for the jolly good crowd who seek to have their blissful moments of leisure and enjoyment at the beach and the relaxed backyard comfort of their homes. This urban essential has been a relevant footwear staple over the years, defining and becoming a ubiquitous fashion item for men and women the world over.

Next time you shop for a pair, make use of a little logic and practicality while selecting. Here are a few trusty pointers –

  1. Flip-flops for use around the house or during those casual summer strolls require a better emphasis on aesthetics rather than durability.
  2. Flip-flops made of a material that are resistant to water damage and mold makes it ideal for a beach party or any other place that involves a swimming pool. Stay away from leather.
  3. A pair with rugged soles that resists wear and scuffing rocks goes a long way in making those light hiking adventures safer. Flip-flops do have a tendency to slide off the foot, especially when climbing up a slope, so if you are hiking off-road, it would serve you well to choose a pair that offers stability and support.

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