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5 Fashion Trends from Sex and the City

Through its airing period, the long-running TV series, Sex and the City has always been looked up to as a fashion school for TV addicts. To the honest, the series have predicted a number of trends way before they even became popular. Is that why we love it? Perhaps! Here’s a look at 5 of [...]

App-grade Your Closet

For the fashion-loving girl, organizing her closet can be a huge task. There are tons of stuff to go through and a million ways to organize them, and not to mention frequent trips to ‘the land of nostalgia’ when you come across a sentimental piece! Well, don’t you worry, here are some great apps that [...]

Get Started with Your Capsule Wardrobe

Nobody likes to deal with clutter; especially if the said clutter is found in their wardrobes! Each day we face a brimming closet filled with clothes only to realize that there’s nothing to wear to work that day! The best solution to deal with this – de-clutter! While many have been actively advocating the capsule [...]

What to Pack for a Vacation

With holiday time just around the corner, it’s about time you booked yourself a fancy little vacation to beat off the summer blues! Already did? Well, here’s our packing list for your vacation… Wear a comfortable pair of jeans and tee shirt for the flight; you could either go with a light cardigan or carry [...]

How to Wear a Swim Cover-up

Beach cover-ups are great accessories on the beach, right? But wear one outside of the beach scene and you’re in for a bonafide fashionista moment, and not to mention some great selfies for your Instagram feeds! Here, check out our ultra-glam styling tips for wearing swim and beach cover-ups even when you’re nowhere near water… [...]

The Overall Story!

What could be more relaxed and comfortable than a pair of overalls on a lazy weekend? Apparently nothing! They are practical, comfortable and chic at the same time. Overalls are currently trending style that is easy to incorporate and looks fresh and laid-back. Here is a style guide on how to have fun with overalls… [...]

Celebrities’ Best-kept Style Secrets are Out!

Who doesn’t love to ogle celebrity styles? They are so very beautiful and so well-out-together that one cannot help but look them up with adoration. If you’re not yet convinced, take a good look at any pinterest page and you’re sure to encounter hundreds, if not thousands, of pins by ardent fashions fans of celebrities [...]

How to Dress-up a Side-slit Maxi

No one can deny the charm and comfort of slipping into a jersey-knit maxi dress while heading out in the summer when the days are just too hot for anything else. But comfort alone is not enough to get you any style points among the fashion-conscious, so you’re left with no choice but to mix [...]

Pregnancy Style from Blake Lively

Ever since she became a regular at the Cannes Film Festival, Blake Lively has been giving us a serious dose of wardrobe envy; as if we weren’t already jealous of her beyond-fabulous outfits, smart accessories and creative looks. But this year, the star is pregnant with her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds! So, without [...]

What are Workhorses?

If you’ve read a write-up or talked to any fashionista about wardrobe classics and must-have pieces for every season, you’d come across the term ‘workhorses’. It’s quite a popular term, with a definition as widely spread as the term fashion itself; workhorses are, by fault, clothes or pieces that get maximum mileage. These are the [...]