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Best of Chanel Haute Couture Show from Paris Fashion Week

Karl Lagerfeld returned to the ‘City of Lights’ this year to showcase a nature-inspired haute couture collection for Chanel featuring exotic wedding gowns, short cropped cocktail gowns, swoon-worthy and seductive red-carpet gowns, and a silhouetted look for men. Here are five exciting moments from the show… The very concept of the show was all-green; to [...]

How to Give the Perfect Gift!

Giving gifts is really an art! You just don’t hop into a store and hop out with an armful of gifts for all your loved ones! Gift giving takes time, effort and a little bit of patience – you need to make sure that your gift is special, valued and means something to the receiver! [...]

Borrowed from the Boys!

With the ‘borrowed from the boys’ trend still doing rounds in the fashion scene, it’s totally cool to hit the streets in a roomy boyfriend shirt with its sleeves rolled-up! The trend caught up quickly after boyfriend jeans became widely accepted by women all around the world but still enjoys the ‘first-mover advantage’. But now, [...]

3 Ways to Wear Leggings to Work!

Before we go on a quest to find out all the street-friendly and office-friendly means to wear a pair of leggings, let’s first understand this one basic fact; Leggings are not pants! Read that in caps! Leggings, really, are not pants! So, if you’re planning on wearing them to work with nothing but just a [...]

Dress Like All Eyes Are Watching You!

It’s only fair to say that dressing up has an integral role in gaining attention from the crowd, and need we say these gawks let you have your way with the others. Getting noticed for all the right reasons has its own perks – you get corporate offers flourishing your way; if you didn’t know, [...]

Milan Fashion Week: An Update!

What’s so special about a fashion week that has everyone going ga ga over it? Why is it so exclusive that only industry giants like buyers for retail chains, boutiques etc. alone get invited? And, did you know that the tickets are so pricey that you can actually afford a couple of designer labels with [...]

The Camo-floral!

The Universal Camouflage Pattern, UCP or the camo-print or the military print as it’s popularly known, has been a fashion-favorite on and off the runways for quite a while now. These prints are daring, bold and look grungy on the female physique. But, it’s not something you’d wear to work. Oh… No..! The camo print [...]

Don’t Bid Goodbye to your Summer Dresses Yet!

Do you simply love your summer dresses and find it merely impossible to let them go? Then, you probably shouldn’t! After all, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” says John Keats, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy all your favorite dresses from the previous season. And to bring to your notice, [...]

J’Lo Sports the Tracks!

Whoever thought or claimed that track pants aren’t sexy enough, definitely did not count on popstar and actress, Jennifer Lopez knocking them off their high-chairs. The 45-year old star was spotted on September 13, 2014 clad in a simple white tee and a pair of almost-sheer creamy loose-fitting track pants. She carried a vintage Hermes [...]

Your Fall Shopping Guide!

Gap offers an exclusive offer on its fall-favorites. Shop today and bag an amazing 25% discount on all outfits, accessories and more for this season. And, just to help you with your shopping, we have a checklist for some of the most sought-after items for fall. Skirts: If you’re thinking, skirts? And, that too for [...]