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Dress your Mini-me with Cute Baby Outfits from Gap!

It’s not even weekend yet, but the offers rolling your way are too good to be true that you’re sure to do a double take and check up on the day of the week. Here is one for instance: Gap brings you a whopping 50% discount on baby sale styles when you shop using Gap [...]

Skinny Jeans for men? Yay or nay?

Well, skinny jeans for women mean one thing and one thing only – flaunt their curves! But what do you think about men in skinny jeans? And, by that we don’t really mean the skinny-cut jeans – they are somewhat practical, but we’re talking about actual  skinny jeans that start normally at your waist and [...]

Must-have wardrobe Basics – Part I

Seasons come and go and fashion changes, but there are a few things in your closet that always remain constant. We’re talking about the set of wardrobe basics that every person must-have. You probably have a few in your closet. But, now is the right time to hit that reset button and stock some fabulous [...]

Tie Like a Gentleman!

Ok, now that you have got the perfect tie to go with your shirt and suit, what kind of knot are you planning to do? You can’t just wear the same knot for all types of occasions. There are special knots for different occasions and events. Here give you a few types that might be [...]

Beanie, beanie, everywhere….

About a few years ago, the beanie hat was just a head accessory primarily focused on women’s fashion, but during recent times, it has slowly made its foray into men’s world as well. While beanie serves as a mere fashion accessory for women, for men, it is much more of a functional accessory. Many trends [...]

Moves like Jogger!

Who would have thought joggers would become a part of high street fashion? After getting a face lift from designers like Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren, joggers are finally back into mainstream fashion. With celebrities and off-duty models taking up the cause and flaunting joggers, now would be the right time for you to sport [...]

Create Your Own Looks with Gap!

C’mon ladies! We’ve all done it! Whenever we’re bored of wearing the same old clothes over and over again and find that there’s nothing new or wearable in our closet, we go to pinterest or any other site that let us browse through the myriad of styles that users have created from all around the [...]

Look Who’s Back on the Ramp!

The boot-cut pants are a lonely reminder of the glorious era of the ‘80s. But off-late, it looks like these boot-cut pants have made a come-back in their own terms. First there was Jessica Alba sporting her boot-cut denim pants with a casual tee and soon, a number of other celebrities including Olivia Palermo embraced [...]

Striped Blazer – Trend Alert!

From the ramps to street style, the latest trend swarming the fashion world is stripes! Every version of this classic trend is a massive hit and boasts of a chic and modish style. A blazerwith the striped print is suave and can be used to create super trendy looks. Read on to find out about [...]

3 Stylish Ways to Rock the Boyfriend Shirt!

The boyfriend shirt is a popular outfit when it comes to work-wear. It’s very comfortable and can be adapted in a number of ways. But did you know you can create a number of amazing casual looks with a boyfriend shirt? Yes! It’s true! And, it’s a celeb-favorite too. When it comes to boyfriend shirt, [...]