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Who Made Sweatpants Sexy?

Really, who made sweatpants sexy? A few years ago, if you asked the ladies of Hollywood, if they would wear sweatpants while out in the streets, they would have probably shrugged them off as a clumsy piece of loungewear not worthy of the streets. Technically speaking, sweatpants are meant to stay at home and are [...]

The Fashion Effect!

You wouldn’t bet on the worlds of fashion and fitness merging or one to have an effect on the other. It is not only just about making the right choice of routine while trying to shed those troublesome extra pounds or running an extra mile to get the desired effect on your body. You could [...]

A Look at the Men’s Collection at Gap! Shop for Them at a 30% Discount!

It’s all about going colorful this season, and Gap is no exception to the other merchandise houses in bringing the best of spring styles to its customers! Especially the often-ignored men’s styles are booming with trendiest outfits this season. Let’s look at some of the vibrant spring styles to make your shopping adventure even more [...]

Facts about Bikinis!

Bikinis top the list when it comes to showing women at their hottest best. Let’s go back in time and see how bikinis have evolved and how women flaunted their curves with confidence wearing one. It all started in 1913, thirteen years after women were allowed to compete in the Olympics. The famous Carl Janzten [...]

5 Ways to Style your Little Girl this Season

Dressing up a little girl in the cutest outfits is one of the most fun things to do. With the holiday mood in full swing, she is going to tag along on your shopping sprees, dinner parties and still have her own little activities too. Here are a few outfit ideas to make sure she [...]

Accentuate Your Outfit with Stylish Umbrellas!

If you thought umbrellas were just to protect you from elements, think again. Umbrellas are creating style statements throughout the world! Let’s sneak a quick look into the history of umbrellas and try to learn about its historic accent into limelight. Umbrellas have come a pretty long way. Their origin dates back to the time even [...]

Fashionable Outerwear for the Fashionable Lady

Sundresses, skirts, and shorts! Ah, the days of summer fashions are delightful, we agree! But don’t let your personal style take a beating when the winter sets in. Check out outwear and blazers collection at Gap to learn that the true fashion spirit stays alive, regardless of the season. From parkas to duffle coats, from [...]

Rocking Discounts only at Gap!

Incredible choices, plenty of offers and irresistible discounts – you’ll love shopping at Gap! Pick all your favorites at Gap today – there’s yet another amazing offer! Gap stocks handpicked collections that you are sure to fall in love with! Let’s take a quick peek at the various selections available at Gap. Want to be [...]

Blazin’ Hot!

Classy cum rock chic look is not that easy to achieve unless you go for blazers. A perfect fitting blazer is all you need to get a sharp, prim and proper look. Blazers just don’t have to be necessarily a work wear – they are perfect for a casual meet up with friends or an [...]

Say Goodbye to the Blues!

The trend this year is bright and beautiful. In the streets or on the runway, there are bright hues that are catching our eyes everywhere. Get some colorful jeans and cords from Gap and shine out under your layers this winter. Pair them with neutral colors like white, gray or black and add some simple [...]