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Get More from your Clothes for Less!

Stripe Zip-pocket Shirttail Dress

Stripe Zip-pocket Shirttail Dress

Just bought some new clothes? Or, are you planning to get some for the new season? Whatever you do, it’s an undeniable fact that new clothes need to be meticulously maintained or else they tend to get old and age faster than normal. So, what’s to be done? Here are a few steps that you can follow to get more out of your clothes for less…

  1. Organise your clothes properly in your closet. A lot of mileage goes out of your clothes when they are hung wrong or folded wrong. There are certain items of clothing that need to be folded and some that need to be hung; for instance, sweaters retain their elasticity and softness for long when you fold them and stack them, while dresses, work shirts and pants last longer when hung using hangers.
  2. Put a nice bag of smelling stuff in your closet. Not only do they keep your clothes smelling nice, they also keep moth, bugs and other insects from damaging your clothes.
  3. Never hesitate to fix broken zippers, frayed ripped hems and missing buttons. Remember a stitch in time saves nine and that applies to your clothing as well.
  4. Whenever you buy a new shirt or a skirt, apply a coat of clear nail polish to the buttons; this will prevent the stitches from coming loose and will keep the buttons on for long.
  5. Remember that can of fabric softener you passed by in the supermarket, it’s the best friend to your clothes. Softeners help keep your clothes soft and minimizes lint formation and thereby improves the life of your clothes.

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