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Get Started with Your Capsule Wardrobe


Double-strap Print Maxi Dress

Nobody likes to deal with clutter; especially if the said clutter is found in their wardrobes! Each day we face a brimming closet filled with clothes only to realize that there’s nothing to wear to work that day! The best solution to deal with this – de-clutter! While many have been actively advocating the capsule wardrobe for years, it’s only in the last decade that people started noticing that the change in people’s preferences and their lifestyle choices are more suited for a capsule wardrobe as opposed to having all sorts of clothes in your wardrobe! But de-cluttering is not easy; but it’s also not hard! Here are some tips to help you on your path to de-cluttering, and adopting a healthy capsule wardrobe…

Find your style: Based on your color palette, preference, lifestyle choice and everyday activities, pick the style that best suits you!

Build your capsule: Now that you have your style narrowed down, research and find out what are the must-haves for your style; check the list against your existing closet; use the pieces you already own, and just shop the rest!

Learn to be creative: You know your style; you have all the pieces to pull off that style; then what are you waiting for? Get creative, mix and match stuff, and innovate as many looks as you can!

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