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Hello Athleisure!


Cargo Jogger Pants

If you’re looking to become the know-it-all-about-fashion for spring 2015, then you need to take a look at an endearing yet quite ravishing trend that has been making the rounds – we’re talking about athleisure. It’s no longer just about wearing yoga pants with short dresses or workout tops with jeans; now the buzzword in Hollywood and pretty much everywhere else, is athleisure, the art of wearing track pants, aka joggers or sports pants as regular pants.

And yes, this trend is nothing short of an art! Designers and fashionistas have, for quite some time, been obsessed with the concept of wearing clothes that offer a loose silhouette but somewhat fitting at all the right places, read ankles. Technically speaking, women, even if they have a model-esque figure will feel somewhat conscious about wearing skinny ankle pants, as they offer a next-to-skin fit and highlight every curve but with a pair of joggers, that offers complete and loose-fitting coverage to the hips and the thighs and a promising cinch at the ankles, you can never go wrong! Athleisure is bigger than a trend and is something more than just wearing yoga pants everywhere. Athleisure is an art, it’s a phenomenon in style and has every potential to become the next big thing in fashion. After all, don’t you just love it when fashion goes to the extent of inventing a new word just for the sake of it?

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