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How to Build your Wardrobe


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When it comes to having a sound knowledge of the latest trends, style secrets and fashion quips, everyone is an expert; but little do people know that the secret to a great looking outfit is a good and fully stocked wardrobe with all the necessary pieces you need to create styles you want to create. This is an art! It doesn’t come by easily; but don’t you worry, it’s not that hard to have either!

In order for you have a fully stocked wardrobe with all the pieces you need to create your dream styles, you need to divide your life into sections. Imagine these sections as the many single, isolated or every day activities of your life;for an average woman with a pretty active social life, you can have four sections (this number is flexible).

Put all office-wear pieces in section one; this would comprise about 70% of your life and hence, it would advisable to allot this section a nice budget. Now depending on your work scenario, whether it’s strictly formal, somewhat formal, semi-formal or otherwise, the pieces in your section can vary accordingly.

Moving to section two, you’d have formal dresses and suits here – not just the ones you’d have to wear to work but the ones you need for weddings, parties and other special occasions.

While section three is all about date-night and dinner outfits, there is no rule that you must strictly follow these section rules. For instance, if you’re a working mom with kids, your date-night section and your formal section can be merged as one for simplicity and easy maintenance.

Section four, the most interesting of them all is casual and loungewear. The clothes you wear when you have no strict commitments or appointments fall in this category.

Now that you have your entire wardrobe divided into various sections, you can easily identify the lags or the gaps that need to be filled in and then you can shop accordingly! Once you’ve made a list and are ready to shop, check out the collection at Gap and avail a nice 40% discount on your purchase with Gap online coupons. Just use the Gap coupon code VROOM and redeem this offer at checkout. Hurry, this offer expires by May 15, 2016.