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How to Choose Winter Coats


Herringbone blazer

Winter is already bearing down on you in full spirits, but if you live in the southern parts of US, your winter has just begun; either way, you need to have a slew of well-lined and perfectly tailored winter coats if you’re looking to continue your streak of applaudable looks this season too! Before mindlessly jumping on to whatever outerwear you can find in your size, you need to realize that investing a little extra time and a little more money into buying appropriate winter coats make the difference between bearing the cold grudgingly and just sailing through it with effortless grace!

And, if you’re among those that claim that you already have an arsenal of summer suits and have no need to dedicate a special section of your wardrobe for winter coats, you’re in need of a change! Unless you live in a temperate region where there is not a lot of difference between summer and winter temperatures, you need to invest in winter coats! The very fabric, structure and construction of winter coats are different and come with the potential to save you from a miserable winter. Pick winter coats that are fully or partially lined (again this depends on your geography and the kind of temperatures you might encounter) that can help maintain the structure of your suit and provide you complete warmth from the merciless cold! As for fabrics, you can opt for wool, cashmere, tweed, flannel and herringbone – these materials usually have multiple layers of yarns that offer durability and warmth!

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