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How to Color-up Basic Black Work Outfits

Stripe Skinny Scarf

Stripe Skinny Scarf

Let’s just face it: Wearing basic blacks at work is super-convenient! You don’t have to spend more than a few minutes dressing it up, since everything works with everything else! But wearing only black and that too, repeatedly, can get boring. Here are a few fun ways to color-up your basic black outfits…

Wear jewelry! Black is a pretty basic color and works with almost all metallic tones! A tasseled gold pendant necklace suspended on a thin gold chain or a set of large gold hoops work equally good with basic black work outfits.

You also have the option of carrying a brightly colored statement bag, but if solid hues are too much for you, tone them down with prints! Choose bags in basic black featuring subtle prints in other colors that sit well with you!

While a monochrome look is nice, infusing some color into it with a bib necklace takes it to another level. The thing about bib necklace is that it’s not some jewelry; it’s extremely versatile and works superbly with work tops, shirts, tee shirts and even dresses. With even just a hint of color in them, you could totally transform the appearance of your all-black work outfits!

When all else fails, just drape a Burberry-plaid-print scarf around your neck or go with a set of leopard-print pumps; both these prints are so popular they’re practically deemed solid colors in mainstream fashion!

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