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How to Color-up Monotone Outfits


Grommet Belt

Whether you’re a budding minimalist who’s toning down the size of her wardrobe or, you’re working in an extremely professional setting that bans distracting colors, monotone outfits are the only option. While they are great for the young professional’s corporate dress code, it’s undeniable that it can get a little boring. Below are a few steps that can help you break that monotony without breaking any rules; take a look…

While wearing somber grays or other light-colored solid separates, it would help to amp things up a bit when one piece of your outfit is slightly darker than the rest. For a somber all-gray (dull gray) ensemble, pick shoes that are slightly darker (may be, charcoal gray) than the rest of your outfit! You could apply this formula with shoes, bags, necklaces or even scarves and enjoy a casual yet successful break from the monotony!

Wear a belt! Whatever outfit you’re wearing, adding a belt instantly ups the look and adds that ‘something special’ factor! For an all-gray look, wear a bold black belt and for a monochrome black look, wear a tan leather belt! A contrast belt breaks up the monotony and serves up a nice fancy dish of fashion!

Lipstick! Hey, as long as there’s no rule against wearing bold lipstick, why not let your lips be the primal color factor of your ensemble? It’s an effective and easy way to pop a bit of color into monotone outfits!

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