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How to Deal with Changing Trends


V-neck long sleeve shirt

In an age where the newest styles are launched and debunked by Instagram celebrities, there is little, if not zero, options for the budget shopper to stay in style! It’s really hard to know which trends would stay and which would disappear, and, that brings with it its own set of problems. Which trends should you invest in? And, how much should you spend on a particular trend? Is your investment safe? Will the said trend be in style at least for a year? Countless questions run free through your mind when you sit down to make a shopping list.

Although, there is no magic ball that can provide you with the right answers, there are a few things that you can keep in mind that can help you while shopping…

  1. Invest only in those trends that will suit your figure and body type.
  2. Invest in trends that will suit your lifestyle. There is no point in having 20 pairs of jeans if you’re working in law enforcement or legal where you’re required to wear a uniform or a formal suit!
  3. If you love a trend but are unsure about it, set aside only 20 – 30% of your seasonal clothing budget for it!
  4. Learn to move on! Don’t dwell on a trend for too long! If you fall in love with it the first time but never got the time to shop for it, then learn to move on; there is no point in shopping for the trend at the end of the season when you know you can only wear it for a few more weeks.
  5. The above rule does not apply to basics like tees, jeans, blazers, sweaters and the like that form the foundation of seasonal wardrobes. Even if you invest in these pieces post the season, they can always be saved up and used the next season.

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