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How to Dress your Long-waisted Body!


Modern Stretch Skinny Crop Khakis

It’s not just enough to dress according to your shape; you need to figure out your vertical proportions and dress accordingly to get the most out of your garments. The best and possibly quickest way to tell if you’re long-waisted is to fit two hand widths under your bust; if you can fit more than two hand widths, then you have a long-waisted figure. Now that you know your vertical proportions, let’s find out how you can dress your long-waisted body to get the most out of your clothes!

Since you have a long torso and short legs, you need to look for outfits and accessories that can elongate your legs. Work with high heels; make them a part of your regular wardrobe and include them in as many outfits as you possibly can. While nude heels that concur with your skin tone can work magic for your legs, you can also explore other color options.

Another trick to make you torso look smaller and legs longer, is to opt for tucked in shirts and blouses with high-waisted pants. Pick tops or shirts that have large print patterns that can make your torso look small. As for skirts, don them with short blouses and tops; if that’s not possible, just cover up your regular tops with a moto jacket that ends higher up on your torso.

Use a lot of accessories: large earrings, hoops and small pendant necklace can add width to your torso!

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