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How to Look Stylish in Baggy Clothes


Soft Plaid Boyfriend Shirt

We all have some baggy clothes hiding in the back of our closets; either we shopped them by choice or the said item was on sale and we couldn’t resist the urge shop thinking we’d alter them later, but that just never happened. Either way, we all have those baggy clothes in our closet and you wish to use them; well, here is a simple guide outlining some basic tips to work with loose-fitting clothes…

Baggy tops, like loose-fitting shirts, crop tops, sweaters and tee shirts, that are two sizes too big for you, can be easily worked with well-fitting bottoms. The key here is to play with proportions! When you team ill-fitting top wear with fitting bottom-wear, you create a seamlessly perfect look. For instance, a cute crop top with fitting denim cut-offs, a plaid button-front with skinny jeans and a pair of clogs, or a loose sweater (that constantly slips off your shoulder) with leggings will make a chic outerwear option for early spring!

As for bottom-wear that barely fits, cinch them at the waist with a belt! With that out of the way, you don’t have to worry about suffering a wardrobe malfunction! Now, if your bottom-wear happens to be skirts that are too long, you could tuck the hem into the belt at your waist and create a faux-wrap effect; as for pants, roll up the cuffs and create a cropped effect and wear high-heels to put your slender ankles on display! This will perfectly coordinate the bagginess of the pants and give you some great style points!

Now, if you already got some baggy clothes in your closet, it’s time to bring them out and try these styles; but if you don’t, shop right away and grab a few baggy sweaters or slouchy boyfriend shirts to try these styles right away! Shop at Gap now and save a sweet 30% on your purchase with Gap online coupons. Key in the Gap coupon code BESTDAY at checkout and redeem this offer before March 5, 2016. Hurry!