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How to Make a Bright Blue Cardigan Work for you!


Chunky Shawl Cardigan

Regardless of whether you’re a minimalist dresser or the reigning queen of fashion, there are moments when you feel like you’ve made a mistake after purchasing a piece. It’s not that the piece is wrong for you or anything; it’s just that the first time you wore it and tried it out, it seemed less than encouraging. So, you dropped the whole idea and just decided to stealthily sneak it to the back of your closet and tried to forget about it until the nest cleaning session. Does the scenario sound familiar? If yes, then read on to find out more…

Today, we’re going to see about one such piece – a bright blue cardigan sweater. It’s pretty, charming and a worthwhile piece. All you need is the right styling technique to make it work for you.

Now, generally you pair a bright blue cardigan with a floral printed skirt and a light blue top; but that will clash with the overall blue charm of the cardigan and prove to be an unhealthy distraction. Instead, what you need to do is, see this cardigan as a standalone piece and keep the rest of your outfit clean and uncomplicated so that the cardigan can take the center spot. You can achieve this by creating a clean look with a pair of gray Gap pants and a white top or a pair of medium wash jeans and a basic top.

The trick is to give this cardigan a clean background so that it can shine as a standalone item. Try out this neat little trick with similar standalone pieces and create some awesome outfits!

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