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How To: Make A Girl Go Head Over Heels for You!

Over Heels TeeGirls are a mystery, as it’s often said – a women’s heart is the eighth wonder of the world. Do you have a crush on a girl and are wondering just how to make her “all yours”? Don’t worry, just read on to find out some big tips for nailing her!

Be Mysterious : If you often message each other either through the phone or through Facebook, make sure to stay mysterious. Don’t go all out on her and text her constantly, give her a little space now and then, so she can have time to think about you. The main point is – not to be too easy or too hard to get, learn to maintain the balance!

Be Understanding : If you’ve got plans to meet and she hasn’t shown up or, if she doesn’t reply your texts regularly don’t rant about it to your friends or post all about it on your status updates. Be understanding, remain calm and cool, women love a man who can maintain their cool at all times.

Be Yourself! : It’s true that women like to stick around guys who have a good sense of humor but that doesn’t mean you have to crack silly jokes at all times. If you’re not the kind of guy who is humorous at all times – that’s okay. The main key is to stay true to who you are, don’t try to give the impression of being someone you are not.

Be a -Man : There are people who are confident at all times and there are people who are insecure, it’s the way of the world. Don’t be afraid to show your weaknesses but make sure you also show the side of you that’ll let her feel that she can depend on you and that you can take care of her!

Look the Part: All the above wouldn’t matter as much if you don’t dress the part. Dressing well doesn’t mean you have to be clad up in brands and designer labels, just make sure to groom yourself well and have a style that’s you! When you hang out, don’t try too hard, just look “effortlessly cool”. A simple graphic tee, jeans and converse shoes can play the part well for a casual date. But, remember, it all depends on where you’re going! For dinner dates, you should really dress up the part!

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