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How to Make a ‘Good’ Outfit ‘Great’


Sleeveless Shirred Shirt

You know what’s the difference between a good outfit and a great one? Showmanship! A great outfit is not just about beautiful pieces carefully put together, or following what some fashion magazine or editor says is right! A great outfit has that special touch! Say you’re putting together a regular all-black outfit composed of a black flared midi skirt and a sleeveless black blouse; don’t just reach for a pair of pumps or cognac boots yet! They’re stylish, classy and really good, yes, but a pair of flat leather sandals and a denim jacket could give this look an authenticity, a flair and personality that reverberates with distinction every time you wear it! Now, that’s what makes a simple outfit look great!

Likewise, a great handbag teamed with a simple-looking work outfit, a printed scarf with a solid maxi and a solid scarf with a printed sun dress – all wonders in uplifting the spirit and the feel of your looks.

When you’re wearing a lot of colors, wear simple shoes – nude shoes or black pumps! Let the colors on your outfit be prominent and visible, and let them make a statement! Another cardinal rule when you wear colors is never to wear similar-colored accessories, otherwise, they’d all look like one giant piece of puzzle just waiting to be put together. Instead, wear colored accessories with solid outfits, dresses and tops and vice versa.

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