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How to Make your Legs Seem Longer!


Broken-in straight khakis

Everyone wants that elusive model-like look; which translates to having a long torso and endlessly long legs! Well, not everyone is blessed with a perfect figure like Gisele Bundchen! But with a few clever and smart fashion hacks, everyone can make their legs seem longer (with a special emphasis on seem)!

High waisted pants! Choose pants that ride high up on your waist! The length of your legs is directly proportional to the height of your pants’ waistline! So, the higher they go, the longer you legs will seem to be!

Love high heels? Well, so do we! They are great for making you appear a few inches longer, and if you wear a pair in skin tones, then your legs would appear even longer! Also, you can choose heels with a low-cut vamp – these will make your legs seem slender especially when you wear them with short skirts, maxis or dresses!

Choose dresses and skirts that have a high waistline or just wear your regular skirts a couple of inches above your natural waistline!

If you’re a regular pants and tops-kinda girl, tuck in all your tops to create a cropped effect and make your legs appear longer!

Play with your lines! Choose bottoms with vertical lines, piping and other details that run all along the length of the pants, but be sure to steer clear of embellishments or patterns that cut your pants in half length-wise! For instance, ripped jeans that have horizontal cuts interfere with the length of your legs and make you seem shorter; instead, choose jeans and pants that have a clean silhouette to make your legs seem longer!

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