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How To: Take Your Outfit from “9 to 5” to “5 to 9”!


Denim Jacket

We’ve often heard of how office styles can be worn straight for the after-office activities, but, have you actually tried it out? And how exactly should you do it?

Well, read on to find out!

You can instantly transform your day wear for the night by simply swapping a few pieces in your outfit; and here are the three basic ways -

The Layers: A denim jacket or a leather jacket can always come in handy to add some edge to a sophisticated look. If you’re wearing a pencil skirt and blouse, top it with a denim jacket and add a statement necklace to take the look up a notch. Or, if you’re wearing slim-fit trousers and a shirt, just layer with a leather jacket for the instant transformation. A fitted dress will look good with either a denim or leather jacket – add a scarf for more style!

The Accessories: Always keep in your bag – a statement necklace, a slim belt and a cuffed bangle or two to add more spice to your workwear in emergency situations! And of course, big chandelier or hoop earrings can do all that’s needed for more pizzazz. Also, carry a band and some hairpins for quick hairstyle changes – you can bun it up for a party and let it loose for a date! Make sure you don’t forget to add some color to your lips too – red and fuchsia pink are the hottest hues at the moment.

The Shoes: Shoes are everything; they are the final yet most important finishing touches to an ensemble. If you’re heading for a party, a pair of neon or studded heels will do the magic.  For a grand event, embellished pumps are a quick fix!

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