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How to Wear a Bright Red Jacket!


Bomber Jacket

Now a bright red or orange jacket might seem a bit farfetched for most women, but actually the color red and orange are the most unique and flattering options for a jacket or a blazer. It’s okay to feel skeptical before investing in a good red jacket, but before you shy away from the color, only because you think it might be too bright for you, read this article and we might just end up convincing you that may be this is the color for you. Read on…

Bright red or orange can work as excellent layering pieces with dull and boring fabrics and colors. For instance, an old and almost faded gray tee shirt, that looks like it’s been worn one too many times, can be spruced up to look attractive with a simple red jacket. The bright color of your jacket can totally take the attention away from the age of your tee shirt and when you pair it with your equally faded denim cut-offs or jeans, the combination can work wonders. And, ditto for a white dress!

Bright colors have the ability to really put the focus back on stripes and other prints that you may be wearing. The bold stripes or prints on your tee shirt when paired with the bright red of your jacket can really improve the color play and make the prints or stripes, as the case may be, shine out from the rest of your outfit.

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