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How to Wear Green Khakis in a Work Setting


Classic Khaki Pants

Khaki pants are one of the most comfortable variations available to women and there have been times, when they’ve left you wondering if you can wear one, a green one, in a formal setting! Given the laid-back nature of khakis, it’s easy to wear them during a casual occasion, but to wear them in a formal setting takes a lot of work and effort! Here are two formally accepted ways you can wear green khakis pants that wouldn’t get you labeled ‘the rebel’ at work. Take look…

Green khaki pants are not attention-gabbing by any means, but because you’re wearing them to work, you can take extra precaution and team them with a plain white tee shirt and a muted gray or brown jacket with checkered or striped patterns. Wear calf-length boots if you’re wearing slim-fit or skinny khakis or go with ankle-length boots if you’re opting for flared or straight-fit versions. Keep the color of your footwear an earthy brown and grab a large tote bag in a matching shade to get your look office-ready! Bonus: You can substitute the white tee shirt with a tailored white silk blouse and formalize it even more!

Another way to wear green khaki pants is to team them with a contrasting navy blue silk blouse (you can pull off the look with burgundy too, but make sure you pick blouses in rich fabrics!) and a seamlessly structured navy blazer. Camel colored boots or their muted counterparts can complete the look with a blue handbag!

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