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IT-girl’s Fashion Rule Book for Work!


Merino Crew Cardigan

Ever dreamt of inheriting a fashion girl’s ultimate rule book? The one that has guidelines and hints on what to wear and what not to wear for work! How about creating your own? Here are 5 rules to get you started…

  1. Have a nice collection of work staples! The usual suspects like a nice pair of black pants, a good tailored black blazer, a work suit, a neat pencil skirt, a white shirt and the like. They act as the foundation pieces of your work wardrobe and give help you build many looks!
  2. Invest in latest trends! And, please note that we said ‘invest’ and not ‘buy’, ‘cos no matter how many or what kind of basics you have, it is the trendy pieces that multiply your wardrobe and give you more options! But, make sure to keep the number in control; you don’t want to end with a closet full of new stuff only to have them lose their novelty once the season is over!
  3. Have a great pair of work shoes! Considering that you ought to spend a minimum of 8 hours wearing those shoes, it wouldn’t hurt to have a pair that looks breath-taking yet comfortable enough to walk in all day long!
  4. Also, you need a great work handbag! These days, your look is defined the moment you enter a room and, people would have already judged you by the time you get to your desk! And, as you already know, a great handbag goes a long way in building your look!
  5. Learn alternate styles for your denim! Just wearing them with a plain old white tee or a button-front white shirt is never going to work! You need to know all the other ways you can style your denim for different occasions!

Well, that’s just the few rules that we have at the moment! We’ll work to bring you more tips and style rules; in the meantime, you can shop at Gap and save a nice 35% off your purchase with Gap online coupons. Just key in the Gap coupon code DEAL at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer is valid only for the day, November 12, 2015.