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King of Prints: Emilio Pucci


Printed slit-neck peplum top

In the 1960’s, a Florentine-based Italian fashion designer, named Emilio Pucci, changed the face of the fashion with his sporty and edgy designs. A creative genius, with a vision to adorn women in a sophisticated mix of colors and prints, Emilio, made quite an impression in the post-world war fashion scene.

Contrary to other designers of his time, Emilio Pucci was among the very few to achieve a perfect balance between bold kaleidoscopic colors and geometric prints without compromising on the silhouette and the weight of the dress. His fluid stretch-silk and jersey dresses became quite popular for their sensual, free-flowing designs and feather-weight nature. Pucci’s rich imagination, reflected in his vibrant color palette which he used to create some of his famous work including the sexy flight hostess uniforms and the unique space bubble helmet for Braniff International Airways!

Aptly named The King of Prints, Emilio’s psychedelic motifs and flamboyant colors pushed the boundaries between fashion and science and earned him international fame. With fluid silhouettes, distinct shapes and interesting prints, Emilio Pucci developed a number of colorful prints and designs that still serve as an inspiration for contemporary designers.

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