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Know:The Five Important Workout Essentials!


Womens Energy Bar

Started your New Year resolution to work out a little late? Worry not! It’s never too late to start working out than to never start at all! And guess what, you’re in the right place! We have the list of all the essentials that you’ll need for making your exercise regimen work better!

Energy Bars:

As much as you find them counter-productive, there’s nothing you could do to help you workout while you’re hungry than to grab a bite of an energy bar. The idea behind it being, you boost up your energy levels to start your work out unhindered! Even a bar post workout is great – it makes up for the lost energy and repaired muscles!

Shampoo, Body Wash and Conditioner:

Be it running to work directly or stopping for breakfast with a friend or even simply getting back home, make it a habit to shower before you leave the gym – you don’t want to attract all the dust and dirt up on yourself!


Preferring to jog outdoors than burning out at the gym? Never mind if it’s in the morning or evening, just smoothen out some sunscreen on your face and other exposed parts to stay protected from tanning or skin burn. It’s better to carry one while you run coz’ you might find it helpful if think it need to be re-applied!

Gym Bag:

How have you planned on carrying your phone, iPod and the above discussed items while you hit the gym or take the road? It’s impossible to manage unless you have a gym bag! So, make it a number one rule to get it right away!

Flattering Outfit:

The key element of making your workout successful lies with comfortable outfit.You need to be able to stretch, let your body breathe as well as look stylish – check out the GapFit’s gFast colorblock capris and Breathe striped racer tank. They’re your ultimate choice! While you get these workout outfits at Gap today, April 15, 2013, you save a full 20% on your entire purchase. Once you’re done with shopping enter the Gap online coupon code GAPTAX at checkout to redeem the discount. Have a great time shopping with Gap online coupons!