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Know Your Jeans and Get a 40% Off On a Pair!

1969 Stripe Always Skinny Skimmer

1969 Stripe Always Skinny Skimmer

Look through any women’s closet and you are sure to find a pair of denims… either colored, boot-leg, light wash, skinny, distressed or boyfriend borrowed. But how much do we know about this trendy blue wear!

  • The official birthday of Blue Jeans is marked as May 20th which is the day that Levi Strauss patented the rivets no.139,121
  • In the early 1960’s, denim was banned by many schools in the U.S as it had become an icon of teen rebellion. They were also banned in many restaurants, theaters and schools
  • In the 18th century, a pair of jeans were a wardrobe staple for workers cos of its durability
  • The American actor and cultural icon James Dean sported denim all throughout the movie, Rebel Without a Cause and also in the movie East of Eden popularizing it in the US.  Another famous denim-moment was when Marilyn Monroe donned matching jacket-and-jeans combo in The Misfits
  • Known to be one of the most expensive pair is called Secret Circus. Studded with diamonds, a 4.63 carat marquise-cut diamond worth £102,000, two 6 carat round brilliant-cut diamonds worth £250,000 each, one 5.09 carat princess-cut diamond worth £104,000, one 5.27 pear-cut diamond worth £134,000 and last, 10 single carat diamonds worth £50,000. And, guess how much they’re worth? Nothing less than $1,265,534!

Knowing so must more about your wardrobe staple was fun right? Now if you’re actually looking to add another one of these must-haves to your closet, it’s the right time! Cos only on jeans, Gap offers you a brilliant 40% discount but, it’s only valid if you shop between February 28, 2014 and March 1, 2014 on regular-priced jeans styles. Enter the Gap coupon code DENIM at the checkout once you are done filling up your cart. Happy shopping with Gap online coupons!