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Layer Layer – A Men’s Guide! Shop Today at a 20% Steal!


Men’s Layering Crew

The thing about layers is that it offers a huge canvas for experimentation. You can get your look right with a brilliant blend of sophistication as well as the style most men aspire for – a laid-back aura that reeks coolness.

Layering is a sure-fire way to attain some fine gazes your way. The first and foremost thing one should keep in mind while layering is that, this look is best meant for a casual vibe. Remember, that thinner clothes come first. Preferably a cotton shirt that you can layer with a sweater. A corduroy blazer could just  provide that needed exclamation mark to your look.

In pursuit of acquiring that perfect look, comfort could take a back seat and that could ultimately be your undoing. You need to allow for some economy of movement or you’ll end up as the poster boy for those stiff-jointed souls who never fail to evoke those knowing smiles that one might just have gone a step too far.

You can be bold with your color selection and experiment with a palette of colors. Layering provides you with the opportunity to mix and match to your heart’s content and you never know, you might just stumble onto that one groovy look, courtesy your trial and error method. Black, gray, brown and navy are colors connected to the winter season, but this may just be the right time to spice up things with a wee bit of color. So, start layering. You’ll never have wear the same old boring outfit combos again! It’s a fine way of kicking your winter style up a notch.

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