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Let’s Talk About Black Friday!


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We’re in the middle of celebrating the holiday season, what is termed as some by the biggest event of the year, and it’s Black Friday already! So, before we give you the details about all the offers and deals in store for you, here’s a look at Black Friday and how it came to be…

One of the earliest accounts of Black Friday was used by the Philadelphia Police Department who had to deal with the massive traffic and road chaos following Thanksgiving, and the hordes of people flowing into the city to watch the football game the following Saturday! Extra traffic only meant extra work for the cops and no leaves on that day and hence, the name! – we know it’s not pretty!

But soon retailers got to work and tried to change the name from ‘Black Friday’ to ‘big’ owing to the negative connotations associated with it, but it looks like the name just stuck!

While some claim it’s the massive traffic overflow, others claim the name originated from the accounting departments of retailers who had been going in the red (operating in loss) all year long and the day after Thanksgiving helped boost the sales back to profits (going in the red); and, as retailers used to enter accounts, profits in black and losses in red, that’s how the name came to be!

Regardless of the reason behind the name ‘Black Friday’, one thing’s for sure: it’s the biggest annual shopping event of the year and you should not miss it by any account! Shop at Gap between November 26 and 27, 2015, and grab a whopping 50% off your bill with Gap online coupons. All you have to do is, use the Gap coupon code BLKFRIDAY at checkout to redeem the offer.

Happy shopping!